Lets talk Mental Health.

  Last week was World Mental Health Day. It’s genuinely not something I knew existed until people started posting about it on Instagram. Seeing people sharing quotes (I love me a good quote), pictures and inspirational stories made me feel happy that actually, people are talking about mental health now more than ever before. It’s important. I guess I wanted to write this for a couple of reasons. For a long time I thought I was alone, and I didn’t feel normal. Then more and more people started speaking up – even celebrities. So I thought, why shouldn’t I? What am … Continue reading Lets talk Mental Health.

Why Autumn is My Fave (& a Walk in the Woods)

It really wouldn’t be right if I let Autumn pass by without publishing all the reasons why it’s my absolute fave time of year (except Christmas, I mean that’s ok too..) – particularly October. It’s still got that September glow, where the sun heats your back as you walk through the crisp and nearing November chill. It’s a beautiful inbetween.  Cliché or not, the crunchy leaves, the reds and oranges, the big blankets and being able to whip out the candles really gets me excited. In the last week I’ve rummaged through my sacks of winter clothes (yes, I said sacks. … Continue reading Why Autumn is My Fave (& a Walk in the Woods)

My Summer in Devon.

Dartmouth, to be specific. It is freaking beautiful. Quaint, peaceful, bustling at the right times of year, and quite frankly, stunning. I was lucky enough to visit twice this Summer, staying for a total of three weeks. I felt at home. Situated in the South of Devon, it sits beside the River Dart, with the estuary leading out to the English Channel (that C in geography paying off nicely…) – JUST LOOK AT IT. *insert heart eyes emoji here* Going back to ‘bustling at the right times of the year’ – my first visit this year was during Regatta Week. … Continue reading My Summer in Devon.