My Summer in Devon.

Dartmouth, to be specific.

It is freaking beautiful. Quaint, peaceful, bustling at the right times of year, and quite frankly, stunning. I was lucky enough to visit twice this Summer, staying for a total of three weeks. I felt at home.

Situated in the South of Devon, it sits beside the River Dart, with the estuary leading out to the English Channel (that C in geography paying off nicely…) – JUST LOOK AT IT. *insert heart eyes emoji here*


Going back to ‘bustling at the right times of the year’ – my first visit this year was during Regatta Week. It. Was. Buzzing. The town was packed. There were boat races, a fairground, food stalls of all kinds – from ostrich burgers to jerk chicken to woodfired pizzas – fireworks, and my absolute fave – live bands. I’m a sucker for a cracking live band – talking of, if you’re in the Cornwall/Devon area, look up a band called Whisky Falls. They played at the Regatta and were bloody brilliant – they’re rock/indie, and do a blinding version of Johnny B Goode. Check them out:



My second visit was in mid September. The view from our living room was enough to make me squeal like a piglet in tap shoes (I don’t know). I actually walked in to the room and spotted Cluedo before I saw  anything else – my best friend was like “Erm, Katie, LOOK AT THIS” – How I missed it is anyone’s guess!


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t humbly suggest you scoot your hiney down to the Dartmouth Ice Cream Company in town. Ah-maze balls. Two Three scoops of double choc and a flake please! Roly’s fudge kitchen is also in town – THE best crumbly nom-nommiest fudge – below is a fresh batch of honeycomb. It was gorrrrgeous dahhhling.



The Dartmouth to Paignton Steam Train is a must. It’s old fashioned, it’s vintage, and the views are something else. It also kinda reminded me of the Hogwarts Express. Magic.


Dartmouth Castle is about a half hour walk from town – it’s pretty small but worth seeing! It’s also surrounded by some beautiful little bays, which is where I finally grasped skimming a rock (whey) and we watched the waves. As you do.



I absolutely cannot encourage you enough, if you’re within the vicinity, to visit Dartmoor National Park. I was in love. My boyfriend has a knack for stumbling across the most beautiful places completely by accident. Being the budding photographer and horse whisperer (or pony in this case..) that I am, I didn’t want to leave.




It was literally miles upon miles of beauty. I managed to convince him to drive us back on our last night, and we only went and caught the sunset!



Ok, so I realise for a first blog post, I’ve babbled the arse off a donkey. I won’t go on too much longer and I won’t try to squeeze everything in, but I will pop some more pictures down below. Sometimes you don’t need to explain everything, and a good picture can tell you all you need to know. (However, in the interest of actually telling you where the devil we are, I will talk a bit more. Just a bit.)

Making it to the White Lady Waterfall at Lydford Gorge – 90ft long, and so worth the leg ache and scuffed knees. Absolutely one of my favourite days.

Agatha Christie’s Greenway House was bloody lovely. We got there on the Steam Train – absolutely fell in love with the gardens. Very Secret Gardenesque. & there was a HUGE pumpkin patch, the halloween lover in me did a happy wee. (TMI?!)




We also popped along to Paignton Zoo, where I fell in love (apparently I do that A LOT. Soz) with a porcupine who I dubbed my spirit animal, because he pretty much chased wherever he thought food was coming from. We may have also spent a little too long watching a male baboon have his wicked way with the female baboons – the reason the boys aren’t looking at the camera below, ofc. All that was missing was ol’ Dave Attenborough narrating it like the boss he is.

Aaand, some more snaps below that I just love.

Devon, til next time…












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