Why Autumn is My Fave (& a Walk in the Woods)


It really wouldn’t be right if I let Autumn pass by without publishing all the reasons why it’s my absolute fave time of year (except Christmas, I mean that’s ok too..) – particularly October. It’s still got that September glow, where the sun heats your back as you walk through the crisp and nearing November chill. It’s a beautiful inbetween. 

If you like my Primark scarf, it’s super blankety & still in stores for £7!

Cliché or not, the crunchy leaves, the reds and oranges, the big blankets and being able to whip out the candles really gets me excited. In the last week I’ve rummaged through my sacks of winter clothes (yes, I said sacks. I have a lot of clothes, but never anything to wear, y’know?!) and dug out all my woolie hats, scarves and mittens in anticipation of being able to bundle up and waddle around like the warmest penguin this side of London. 

You can find these bad boys in Poundland…for a £1!

It’s also no secret that I lurrve Halloween. Ok, not so much the Michael Myers films, the dressing up like a giant olive (shout out to Georgia Nicolson of Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging) or even dunking my noggin in a bowlful of apples – more, sticking on the Addams Family and Hocus Pocus *I WANT TO BE SARAH*, donning gothic amounts of MAC Diva and some cat ears, and artfully carving a stormtrooper into a pumpkin (I did this last year, and if I say so myself, it was brillo-pads.)



Saw this gorgey pumpkin-like plant outside a florist – I believe its called Physalis.

So, in the spirit of embracing Autumn, my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods this past Sunday. He’s a good egg; particularly because I decided to wear heeled ankle boots and then realised I couldn’t walk in them, so he acted as a human walking stick. Like I said, good egg. He also valiantly helped me carry home pockets full of conkers – not just because y’know they’re of the season, but they also keep out pesky spiders…so Google tells me. Google knows. Right?



Naturally, I took some artsy fartsy photos – I feel like they sum up the season pretty well; what I love about it anyway. Nature is beautiful, after all.






It wouldn’t be Halloween without a black cat, so here’s my lovely pus Sam in all his cat glory. Binks, eat your heart out. (Hocus Pocus fans will know.) 


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  1. LaurenEph says:

    Lovely pics 🙂


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