New Month, New Beginning.


Pinch, punch! …Second day of the month. Oh..

So a new month normally means naff all. However! I’ve decided that for me, a new month – this month – my birthday month – is going to mean a fresh start. 

I’ve recently come to some realisations:

Number 1 – you can’t expect to be happy if you’re not allowing yourself to be. “If you don’t like where you are, move; you are not a tree”

Number 2 – you can’t be happy if all you’re trying to do is please other people. Putting yourself first is ok.

Number 3 – you for sure can’t be happy if you’re surrounded by negative people. It’s draining. Those folk who make your life a little lighter? More of them, please.

Number 4 – you can’t begin to be happy if you won’t let go of whatever that niggly ball of negativity is you’re holding on to. It’s like carrying a rucksack of bricks with you everywhere. It’s going to weigh you down.

See where am I going with this? I could go on; but my resounding point is, to be happy you need to take away anything in your life that – as the quote goes – “no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy”.



Too often we get sucked into the realm of ‘putting up’ or ‘making do’ with things the way they are, feeling we’re not in a position to change them; or that we’re too frightened to try. Ultimately though – and it’s cliché AF – life is too fu*king short. It’s too short to give a hoot about what people think of you, to lose sleep over whatever’s stressing you out, or to be affected by the things that seek to bring you down.

I invite you to start the month with me as a new beginning. Life isn’t perfect and there will always be an arsehole or a situation you can’t avoid. But what you can control, is how you respond to things. & if you don’t like something, change it. YOU navigate YOUR life. (I feel like Buddha or something…)

Therein, and after a weekend with my Auntie who is the embodiment of a free spirit, I have decided to try to take life a little less seriously and be happy.

Otherwise, what the hell are we here for? 

Happy November!  🙂




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