9 Ways to Wind Down

So as you may have guessed, I am all about trying to find ways to look after myself at the moment. Mentally/emotionally/physically – I’m especially keen on shaking off any stress before bed. So this week I thought I’d share with you a few things I do to wind down both mind and body. 

  • CANDLES. I literally swear by candles. Scented/non-scented, big/small, plain jane/fancy pantsy – I feel a calm come over me once I’ve lit some of those bad boys. I find them therapeutic, and in this v wintery chill, they’re just the ticket. 
  • Camomile and Honey Tea – Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is glorious. Espesh if like me, there are times you’re all of a fidget and you need a hand relaxing. Apparently the health benefits of drinking camomile tea are good too, bonus!



  •  A hot, bubbly – preferably with a Lush treat – bath. Showers are all well and good, but personally I find they’re better if you need to wake up a bit. Baths are soothing and the ultimate relaxation. I’m IN LOVE with the Palmolive range. 



  • Deep breathing. As someone who suffers with anxiety, I found myself questioning this when told it’d actually help – but it does! I like to sit quietly by myself in my room and take ten minutes to just breathe. It’s amazing how much lighter you can feel. 
  • STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREENS. I began to realise over the last few weeks that one of the reasons I was unable to get to sleep when I wanted to, was because I’d just spent an hour or two on my phone whilst simultaneously watching American Horror Story (way to sh*t myself up…). Say no to tech before bed yo.
  • This won’t be for everybody, but I really believe that writing down whatever is on your mind before you go to bed is a positive move. For me, it’s to avoid the whole ‘I can’t switch off’ just as your head hits the pillow and all the woes of the world flood your brain. I’m not saying my mind becomes this wonderland and I sleep like a baby, but since I’ve gotten into the practice of doing it, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement.


  • Don’t laugh – I genuinely YouTube’d the ‘sound of waves’ the other night, and laid there listening to the sea. Being a seaside girl at heart I found it soo relaxing. But there are LOADS you can listen to – the sound of rain, a fireplace..which I happen to be listening to as we speak. Hey it’s worth a go right?!
  • Read. A good book and getting lost in someone else’s world can be just what you need sometimes. 



  • Make your bedroom your haven – fluffy blankets, cosy pillows, fairy lights, the whole kaboodle! I’m also a big believer in a tidy room helps for a tidier mind, so always try to keep our little cubby hole looking tip-top.

Let me know how YOU wind down, I’m literally always looking for ways to de-stress!

Happy relaxation! 🙂 


Palmolive Shower Gel – £0.85 – Tesco
Chamomile & Honey Tea – £1.69 – Twinings Online



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zara says:

    Blow the candles out AND have batteries in the smoke alarm before you fall asleep 😂
    Good tips though!


    1. Katie Rose says:

      Haha yes ofc, SAFETY FIRST! Thank you! 😊😊


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