Christmas Blog: Week 1 – Feeling Festive!

I jest you not, as I write this, I’ve got my Christmas playlist on. Specifically, Kermit the Frog singing ‘One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas’ from a Muppets Christmas Carol. It’s actually up there as one of my fave Christmas tunes, and I can humbly say with a great big bucket of enthusiasm, that I’ve got my festive undercrackers well and truly on.

So I give you my weekly Christmas blog! Every Monday til Christmas Day, I’ll pop a little something festive up, including wishlists, baking and who knows what else I’ll pull out of the sack! See what I did there? Shut up Katie..


I’ve purchased the dinkiest tree this side of the globe (ok, there are dinkier, but still) and adorned it with two cheshire cats & an Eiffel Tower topper. Because I like to be different apparently! It goes without saying that Yankee Candle’s ‘Christmas Eve’ had to make a reappearance & I purchased a poinsettia for a whole £2.50 from Tesco. LOOK HOW BLOODY CHRISTMASSY IT IS THOUGH.

I also took some pictures a couple of weeks ago when I went to Kingston – and oh boy, did the Christmas market put a spring in my step and a jingle in my bell …Yes I just said that.






Oh and, naturally I popped in to Lush. Naturally.



Are you feeling festive yet?! Too early? Or have you been ready since August? #dedication

I’m SO excited to be able to share this season with you as a blogger & can’t wait to plaster the internet with Christmas a-plenty. Be sure to keep your peepers peeled for Christmas Blog week 2, next Monday! *does the hokey cokey by myself*

& on that note, I leave you with the sexiest pair of slippers I’ve ever owned.





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