Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Recharging Antioxidant Gel-Cream


Well isn’t that a lengthy title!

Winter is here again (erm, where did 2016 go?) and with that undoubtedly comes the brittle nails, the red noses and dry, chapped skin. I for one really struggle with dry patches on my face – particularly around my nose and forehead. I’ve never been much of a one for moisturiser – I just tend to find them too heavy & like my pores are being clogged; plus my ability to maintain a constant ritual of skincare has never been top notch!

So if you’re anything like me, then I cannot recommend this enough! I am genuinely loving the new gel-cream by Garnier. I purchased it not long after buying & loving the Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (see what I had to say about that in my Mini Beauty Haul on a Budget) and I wasn’t disappointed. Much like the tissue mask, this smells soo refreshing; because of that & because it’s light and cooling, I feel like it’ll be lovely in the Summer too.


The consistency is gorgeous. It absorbs in to my skin like a dream – I use about a pea-size amount every night after cleansing, and I swear I can see and feel a difference within minutes of putting it on. It just feels healthy & pretty much does what it says on the tin; hydrates. It’s not greasy & I lovelovelove it. Plus how cute is the packaging?! Not that I buy products based on how they look, but it’s a bonus right!

If you’re on a bit of a budget & after a moisturiser for the Winter period then honestly, give this a go. It’s currently on offer at £5.33 in Boots, £5.29 in Superdrug or if you’ve got a Savers nearby (my fave!) then I think I picked mine up from there at £4 something. 

What go-to winter products would you recommend? Let me know if you try this & what you think!

Til next week…





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    1. Katie Rose says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂


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