Christmas Blog: Week 4 – Brighton Lights!


It’s the final week of my Christmas blog series, and I’m so excited for this one! If you read my previous post My Mental Health – Where I’m At, you might remember me saying that one of three things I’d like to have achieved before Christmas was seeing the lights in London. I haven’t managed that one *yet* – the idea of getting on a train gives me all kinds of heeby jeebies. I was however treated to a day out in Brighton on Sunday by my boyfriend, who drove us there to polish off our Christmas shopping and yep, to see the lights! 



Naturally, it was craaazy busy – Christmas always seems to send people into a shopping frenzy! I’ll not lie, I did get myself in a tiz a couple times and I remember feeling like all I wanted was to come home; busy places/lots of people make me anxious AF. My bf is however the best hand holder, & there’s something about being with him that makes the world a little less scary. *All the feels*



I really did have the loveliest day. I cracked out my finest Christmas playlist in the car and we shamelessly sang along to the Pogues whilst the rolling green fields passed us by. I love me a road trip. 

Surprisingly it really wasn’t that cold at all when we arrived! I’d wrapped up like Frosty the Snowman and was walking past people playing volleyball in shorts and vests (I jest you not). We had to park a gazillion miles away – parking closer meant paying £16 for a day ticket and yep…just no. 

TIP: Don’t wear converses on days when you plan to walk your hiney off. My toes wanted to fall off and die by the time 5pm rolled around. *Buys slipper socks in abundance from Primark*

We walked along the pier (I solemnly swear it was not to buy hot doughnuts…) & had a wander around the little Christmas market stalls – there was cheese, chocolate and candles galore! We then decided to crack on & get the shopping out of the way, so wandered back towards town & decided to take the little back streets which were so pretty!


 …& what should we discover by chance on our travels, but Boho Gelato! Now if you watch Zoella on YouTube, you’ll know she raves about this place. When I saw it, I squealed! She’s always recommending their carrot cake ice cream, and I’ve been forever curious to try it – and boy did it live up to expectation!




 It was genuine gorrrrgeousness in a dinky pot. Absolutely stunning. & the array of flavours! My bf went for the waffle ice cream, and I’ve never seen anybody eat so quickly. Like ever.


Actual shopping wasn’t all that successful. We couldn’t find what we wanted for the people we’d needed to buy for, and ended up instead looking around a v busy Lush & MAC (totally my bf’s call, obvs) and eating alorra lorra noodles. 


By 4pm, it was pretty dark, and the lights were twinkling. Granted, there’s not half as much as there are in London, but I was a happy festive bunny. I started lagging behind my bf to take pictures, and soon enough he was telling me to get my bum in gear because it had finally gotten f-f-freezing! 





The pier looked amazing. Unfortunately as good as my phone’s camera is, it really doesn’t do well with night shots, and so I couldn’t really do it justice – but take my word for it!


Oh & what would life be without cookies?! We stopped at Ben’s Cookies for some white choc chunk goodness and set off for home. I really, really appreciate the days I get to spend with my bf. He’s wonderful in every way & sometimes life can get in the way, so I never take for granted the days/hours/moments we get to be together or go on adventures.



Have you been to see any Christmas lights yet?! Where have you been? Let me know in the comments below, & a happy Christmas week to you!!

Til next time…


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. lovejennyxo says:

    Brighton looks amazing!!! The choccywoccy store, gotta love the name!!! Also, the gelato- yummm, i didnt even know waffle ice cream existed but woah my world just turned upside down, i NEED that!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katie Rose says:

      It really is!! Haha that Choccywoccydoodah (phew!) store is actually on a TV show I think! Omg I know, they had so many crazy/unique flavours – liquorice, brandy butter, christmas pudding. Sea salt caramel looked sooo good! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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