Review: W7 Genius Feather Light Foundation


Lets begin by first off saying, this cost me a whole £2.75.

That’s £2.75.

Now for some people, such a low price can be a little off-putting; Can it be any good if it’s THAT cheap? I have the same thought process at times – because sometimes that way of thinking has been proven right – on this occasion though, and in my tres humble opinion, this was a wonder buy!

I picked up the W7 ‘Genius’ foundation when I was away in Cornwall, at a place called ‘Trago Mills’ – it’s like a big old department store/complex selling everything you could think of inside;  from lawnmowers to coats to hammers to makeup, all at a discounted rate! SO, of course Katie finds her way to the makeup aisle (duh) and there were a fair amount of W7 products. I did actually need a new foundation – I really struggle to find a foundation right for my skin as it tends to be dry one minute, oily the next – & seeing this one at less than £3, I thought it’d be worth a crack!


Lets talk about the look; it’s a glass 30ml bottle, and rather than a pump or a simple lid, it comes with a screw top pipette – I don’t know why, but that automatically appealed to me! Maybe because it’s something different? Plus it looks waaay more expensive than it actually is!

I believe (I could be wrong, blame Google if so!) that there are 5 shades with ‘Buff’ being the lightest – I got mine in the shade ‘Sand Beige’, which I was frightened might be a little too dark, but actually it’s perfect! Consistency-wise, I’d describe it as almost silky; as the name suggests it is very light and so very easy to blend and achieve a good coverage.























Now you would think, with it being such a light and actually quite liquidy foundation that the finish might be a little watery (if that makes sense?!) but in actual fact, the coverage is spot-on – redness is covered up wonderfully and it dries into a very silky matte finish. I use a buffing brush, and I find it’s quite buildable if you want a little more coverage – plus I’m in LOVE with how natural I look wearing it! I’ve had problems in the past where my foundation has looked cakey and pretty obvs that I’m wearing it, whereas with this one, my skin just looks, well…healthy.


As far as longevity goes, this lasts me literally a good solid 12 hours – which is amazing! Especially since I normally reach a certain point in the day where my foundation sort of..stops doing it’s job? My skin gets oily & it’s all over. But not with this one! I don’t even wear primer with it – it doesn’t need it! I follow a simple process of foundation/concealer & then set with a pressed powder – nice, efficient & easy, and it looks like you’ve put more effort in than you have.

I would definitely recommend trying this out – not only is it my new official ‘holy grail’ of foundations, but it’s so bloody affordable! (The bargain hunter in me has been bopping around like a happy chinchilla for weeks.) It’s made me realise you don’t have to whack out the big bucks to achieve a good look. YAY.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, here are some links you can have a look at;

Let me know if you’ve tried it before & what you thought! Also let me know if there are any other foundations you’d recommend?

Thank you for stopping by!

Til next time…


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16 thoughts on “Review: W7 Genius Feather Light Foundation

  1. I know what you mean about being thrown off with the low prices, I felt that way about ELF products, but in actuality, the stuff I’ve tried, I actually like! So I believe you when you say this is cheap but a good product!!! And honestly, why not have cheap make up that works good, it saves our wallet! Your skin looks soooo flawless with that foundation, literally amazing! I’m sold!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yay, aw thank you so much! 😀 I’m actually so happy to have found such a reasonably priced foundation, and you’re right, if it saves money AND WORKS, then all the better! I’m still yet to try ELF’s makeup, is there anything in particular you’d recommend? xxx

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    1. YES they really are, I’m actually excited to try more of their stuff now, apparently their eye palettes are quite good?! You should have a look at ‘Buff’ & see if that’d be light enough for you, you’re only a little lighter than me so…could be a winner! Plus it’s dirt cheap on Fragrance Direct atm!! xxxx

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  2. Thank you so much for the W7 foundation’s review. By the end of this January my sister will go to Australia and i’m asking her to buy me the W7 Genius Foundation at Chemist Warehouse. The only problem is that i still can’t find the right shade for me. Btw, i’m from Vietnam:))


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