My Mental Health: February Reflection

It's that time of the month - the end of the month, where I like to take a moment to reflect on how I've been doing in terms of my mental health. I'm not gonna lie, I just re-read my January Reflection and I'm almost nervy to write this one - it's not that Feb has been a terrible … Continue reading My Mental Health: February Reflection


Let’s Hear it For Women!

'Girls Compete, Women Empower' I came across this quote just a week or so ago & it really resonated with me. Not just because I'm all about trying to build my fellow woman up, but also because it's sometimes all too obvious that there are so many of us putting ourselves or each other down. … Continue reading Let’s Hear it For Women!

Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)

Body shaming. To me, it's bizarre. Whether it's body shaming ourselves and being forever critical of how we look; or the media constantly cooking up images of the 'perfect body' and shoving weight loss tips in our faces, or slogans that offer 'immediate' results for your 'imperfections', or someone just being plain old mean. Well, I'm sorry, whoever … Continue reading Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)