25 Facts About Me

Hello my little love bugs! So! I reached 200 followers on here this week. That’s 200 of you that read the babbling that I publish! Thank you. With that in mind, I felt like it’d be a nice time to share a few facts about me – I realised that although I’ve spoken quite a bit about … More 25 Facts About Me

Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)

Body shaming. To me, it’s bizarre. Whether it’s body shaming ourselves and being forever critical of how we look; or the media constantly cooking up images of the ‘perfect body’ and shoving weight loss tips in our faces, or slogans that offer ‘immediate’ results for your ‘imperfections’, or someone just being plain old mean. Well, I’m sorry, whoever … More Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)