A Very Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!


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If you’ve seen/read Alice in Wonderland (all time faveee) you might grasp what I’m doing there with the ‘un-valentines’ bit?!

I want to ask you to celebrate love on a day that isn’t Valentine’s day. Now I know a lot of people really do love Val’s; the chance to be romantic, to plan treats or make somebody you love feel special. It’s just not a concept I’m crazy about – it’s also not something my bf & I have ever made a big deal of. He surprised me with flowers just last week; I made him his favourite cake a few days ago & we tell each other we love each other all the time. We’re soppy like that. I would honestly be more chuffed if he rolled in on Thursday night with a post-it note that said he loved me. But that’s just me.

I promise I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade! I’m not saying people shouldn’t celebrate Val’s, far from it! Love is a totally positive thing to celebrate. My point is; don’t wait for one day to spread love. Sprinkle it like confetti – the world is so full of things to make you sad, that the fact that we’ve got mouths and lips and breathe in our bodies in order to express such a profound happy gooey emotion, is well…really rather nice.

One final point before I depart to my non-valentines celebobs; I also don’t believe Val’s needs to be just about couples or partners; love is love, and actually some of the most enduring relationships I’ve had have been with my friends. My best friend has been with me since we were 14 years old – that’s 12 years. She knows me inside out and loves me all the same. That’s love. 

With that, I implore you to go forth and celebrate love. Now, tomorrow, next Wednesday or whenever. We need more of that on this planet of ours. Tell your friend, tell your Mum, tell your dog. Or how about this one; love yourself. Go buy yourself some chocolates, light some candles and take care of you. 

Sending oodles of love your way (and sick bags if you need them, soz)

Big kisses,


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Everyday can be a valentines day 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katie Rose says:

      Here here! 🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, whether we have someone to give us love or just ourselves 😄😄


  2. xoJenny says:

    Totally agree, love shouldn’t be celebrated on just this one day- it should be celebrated every day or spontaneously throughout the year. I’m a total sap for V-day but I love that you’re spreading the idea of being able to celebrate (even if single) but with friends and family! I can totally vouch that my loved ones include my friends and family on top of my SO… 🙂

    xo, JJ


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