Let’s Hear it For Women!

‘Girls Compete, Women Empower’

I came across this quote just a week or so ago & it really resonated with me. Not just because I’m all about trying to build my fellow woman up, but also because it’s sometimes all too obvious that there are so many of us putting ourselves or each other down.

I feel like it stems from school a little; you know when you were stood in the hallway judging another girl for the boyfriend she’s got, or for the colour she’s dyed her hair; or you’re being gossiped about because you’re ‘too fat’, failing maths or your teeth aren’t straight. How come they never teach us that we should be building each other up, instead of tearing each other down? I mean it’s been ten years since I finished school, so who knows! Maybe they are teaching that now. Point is, we as women, especially in this day and age, really ought to be standing shoulder to shoulder, not back to back ready for a cowboy style showdown.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not innocent of being a gossip or bitchy on occasion. It comes too easily sometimes, especially if there’s somebody who really rattles your cage. I think the key here, is to be happy within yourself. If you love who you are and you radiate positivity, other women feed off of that; it’s inspiring. It’s actually sexy to be relentlessly and unapologetically YOU, and I really believe that in a society that’s always trying to put us in a box, we need more women to set the tone for the rest of us who maybe aren’t as confident or self-loving.

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Us girls really do have soo much to gain from one another. You know when you see someone killing it? Whether it be with her career, or happily married, or whatever…just happy. Surely it serves us better to admire that, to be inspired by that? Rather than be critical or negative? It’s a similar thing if you see somebody in a bit of a fix; someone not doing so well or in a bad place. Surely it calls for understanding and not being judgemental? We’d serve each other so much better if we reached out a hand rather than seize an opportunity to tear somebody apart. Common sense when you think about it!

With that, I want to take today to show love and appreciation for woman-kind. I want to take it back to the days Geri Halliwell donned a Union Jack dress and pumped for Girl Power.

I would like to say thank you to the girls, my fellow bloggers, who comment on and support what I write and who are themselves, bloody brilliant bloggers! To my girlfriends -one of which is herself on the blogging bandwagon (you can check her out here) – both of which I’ve known forever, and who I love endlessly.

To my Aunt who is the epitome of a free spirit; my Nan who is a tower of strength; my little sister who is going to blossom in to absolutely the most beautiful flower the world has ever seen. To the women standing for something, being strong, showing courage, being themselves, doing their thing, surviving, living their dreams, loving themselves – I salute you.

Here’s to being a better woman, and building each other up!

Big kisses,


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  1. juanitalikes says:

    Nicely written Katie. Sadly more to often females are tearing each other down. I like to think that somewhere it is balancing out. It says a lot for females to compliment each other…strong and kind. So I salute you, thank you Katie for pointing out this subject : ) xoxo


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    1. Katie Rose says:

      Thank you so much Natoya! It needs to be done doesn’t it, I get so fed up of seeing other girls bitch or whatever, we need to stand together more! I salute you right back, thank you for reading this 🙂 Big kisses! xxxx


  2. brooklyn37 says:

    Waouh trop belles !!!
    Petit bonjour de France

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    1. Katie Rose says:

      Bonjour Tony ! Je vous remercie pour la lecture 🙂 Bonne journée ! x

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  3. xoJenny says:

    I totally agree, girls can be SO mean and it’s insane like for what reason are we being mean to other girls for. I mean I’m by no means an angel and have had my moments but I surely out grew that way long ago. Idk if it’s just a phase girls go through or what but us girls should stick together and support one another! #moregirlpower

    xo, JJ

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    1. Katie Rose says:

      YES to #moregirlpower, we need that so much in this world!! I agree, I think it is a phase, I think some women are just naturally bitchy sometimes but mostly we all grow out of it. I just wanna see more girls backing one another!! Thanks for reading this Jenny 🙂 xx

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  4. I love you! And I love this post! xx

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    1. Katie Rose says:

      I love you too!! xx

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