My Mental Health: March Reflection


I was actually a little on edge writing this post this week – not so much because it’s such a personal/raw subject for me, but more because it’s been a bit of a tough month & I almost didn’t feel comfortable writing about everything. But this is my spot on the web & I’m not gonna be put off.

You may remember me mentioning before, that I’ve got a real issue dealing with other people’s judgemental-ness, or opinions that are largely based on thin air, or the fact that their ignorance means I have to acknowledge that there will always be someone out there who isn’t willing to understand mental illness. It really annoys me. I’ve heard a few things this month, such as; ‘mental illness is just a fashion all girls go through.’ I mean?  I’m also aware that there may be people who read my mental health posts, who then go on to gossip or pass judgements. I know not everyone will ‘get it’, will care or will want to understand, & that’s for them to deal with, not me. Beyond all else, this blog was created for my benefit, and I never want to feel like I can’t come here and have a voice.

It’s small-minded people that can make the difference between a mentally ill person seeking help and speaking up, so it really is as simple as, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


So like I said, I have struggled a little this month – I’ve been a little more down than up, and when I’m down, I hide away. I can’t do people, talking, socialising. I really don’t want this to be a big bucket of bleugh though – I’m gonna do what I swore I would do more of in my January Reflection – & that’s see the positives. So here they are:

1. When I needed help, I asked for it. I’ve also contacted MIND to arrange counselling – I was limited to 12 sessions last year, so I’ve reapplied for another 12 this year. Honestly, they are a bloody amazing charity, and you’d be surprised how much just talking can help.

2. Since it’s Spring, I haven’t been able to resist getting out as much as I can – I’ve been for lots of sunny walks & obvs taken a bajillion and one photos of trees. My boyfriend also took me exploring last weekend, and we had the best views.


3. I’ve been applying for lots of jobs & have some exciting interviews coming up!

4. I’ve been making more of a point of checking in with & seeing my pals – they’re a positive influence on my life, and we all need that. I’ve also made a lovely new friend – & she’s a blogger too! Go check her out here 🙂

5. & this is the biggie – I’m learning to manage my anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever like huge crowds of people or whatever, and I still go out of my way to avoid certain situations at times – but I’m going out all by myself now! I still get nervy and I do still wish the ground would swallow me up at times, but I’m doing it. I take myself off round town, I go for walks…I’m getting there!

April Goals:

  • definitely need to start eating better again – when I get into a bit of a fix, I tend to not eat at all or not eat well. I definitely feel crappier for it.
  • Whilst we’re on that wavelength, I also wanna get back into my fitness – I was running and doing yoga last month, and then…nada. Zilch. Nuffink.
  • I’ve been asked to be a Godmother(!!) at a Christening that will take place on Easter Sunday. As excited as I am, I’m also so nervy. There’s gonna be a lot of people there, and you’re looking at the Queen of awkward. I really want to be tip-top for that.
  • I need to stop hiding away. As bad as I feel I know that alienating and isolating myself away doesn’t do me any favours, in fact it just makes me feel more pants.

I really do feel like March is ending on a positive note – it’d be too easy to focus on all the negativity, but what good would it do? So I’m acknowledging it, learning from it what I have to, and improving on what I can. I hope it’s been a wonderful month for you, please tell me what you’ve been up to & if you enjoyed March! Equally, if it was a big ol’ wheelbarrow of horse poo, tell me that too. I wish you the happiest April, steady on the easter eggs 😉

Thank you so much for reading this, it’ll always mean the world.

Big kisses,


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  1. Cheila says:

    I can really understand where you’re coming from when you mention the ignorant people who judge us for our mental illness. It has happened to me WHILE BUYING MEDS!! The pharmacist said “WOW there’s a big depression here. If I took all of these pills I wouldn’t be able to come to work tomorrow”. It has also happened with a college professor who said “you need to have a little money to have depression. Poor people have no time for such things!” I was very sad and offended and ashamed both times. People have no right to make us feel this way. I’m glad you’re trying to be positive and take care of yourself, I’ve been focusing on the same. Sending hugs! xo

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    1. Katie Rose says:

      Thank you Chelia, it’s so nice to know I’m not alone, but it’s such a joke we’re forced to go through things like this in the first place! I’m so sorry for what happened to you, people can be absolute idiots. Don’t ever feel ashamed, please! Those who choose to be judgey and ignorant are the ones who should be ashamed. Sending lots of love & hugs to you too, take care of you always! xxxx


      1. Cheila says:

        Thank you, dear!! Sending a big hug to you and a lot of strength. If you even need to talk, you have someone here who gets it! xx

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  2. Glad you’re not letting the few silly people hold you down 🌞 I think a big lesson for many with anxiety in general is to seperate others’ perceptions from our own sense of self… you’re holding up a mirror to THEIR stuff, always. Keep being awesome 😃 p.s. the views are so pretty 🌳🌻

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    1. Katie Rose says:

      Well I’m trying not to, anyway! Lol 🙂 Thanks so much Bobby-Jo, I think you’re right, it’s important not to let other’s opinions become a part of what you see of yourself..if that makes sense? It’s annoying when you’re the type of person that takes the slightest bit of negativity on board and you crumble! (that’d be me!!) But yes, thank you SO much for reading this and being lovely, means so much! x x x x


  3. Cool girly. I’m glad your talking to a professional about it or even talking to meaningful friends. Your right talking always helps. I’m glad you got exciting job interviews coming up and I wish you all the best with that! Congratulations on becoming a fairy godmother : ) and I’m happy you made a new blogging friend she looks lovely, so another blogger to check up on! : ) xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katie Rose says:

      Aww thanks Natoya, and thank you so much for reading this, it always means the world when you do! & thanks lol, not sure what kind of a godmother I’m gonna be yet, but here goes! Yes, check her out, she’s brilliant! xxxx


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