My Mental Health: A Happy Update Pt II!

It's been a while hasn't it?! Exactly two weeks since my last post. I've missed you lot, and I've missed this. I think I just needed some time away, to work on myself a little. As much as blogging is absolutely a healthy factor in my life, I think it's good to step back from everything a … Continue reading My Mental Health: A Happy Update Pt II!


My March Favourites

Well, au revoir March. You came and went crazy quick (can we slow it down a bit pls 2017, jeees) but you did bring Spring with you, and I legit could not be happier. Can we all appreciate the fact that it's still light at 7pm?! Anywho, it's about that time to crank out the monthly favourites, and March, you … Continue reading My March Favourites