My June Favourites!

Toodle pip June – you brought sunshine, sunburn and I peeled like a peeling thing… and then you rained; because this is the UK and we couldn’t possibly not have a drop of the wet stuff.

Anywho! It’s that time of the month, so lets go yo!

Cactus Print Bedding Set – ASDA – £11


I can’t tell you how much I’m loving everything cactus right now, like it’s becoming obsession! Couple that with my fondness for pastel colours, and you have probs the most beaut bedding ever, courtesy of ASDA. They also have a dinosaur print bed set which I’ve obvs got my peepers on, and at £11 for a double, how freaking reasonable!

‘Francis’ the Yucca houseplant – Sainsburys – £7


Yep, I named my plant. I have no explanation.

Continuing with the theme of my love affair with plants, I’ve added a new one to my little  leafy family, and here we have it! I’m literally head over heels for the pot as well, such a beaut Summery colour.

Plants make me happy, the end.

Ariana Grande & One Love Manchester

Image result for ariana grande one love manchester

I never really listened to Ariana before now – I listen to all sorts of music, like my iTunes is literally a bag of Skittles! But I’d never really given Ariana’s music a real listening to; that is sadly, til the terrorist attack in Manchester.

I’m completely in awe of the way that she handled everything, and the way that she managed to pull together something as magic as One Love. It made me feel not only inspired by her, but also completely and utterly proud of the way this country pulled together & showed unity and love. After watching Ari & the school choir perform ‘My Everything’, I’m now obsessed and currently playing it on loop.

Miley Cyrus – ‘Inspired’

Image result for miley cyrus inspired

Talking of good songs, I’m loving Miley’s Inspired – which I first heard when she sang it at One Love. Such a beautifully written and special song – makes me kinda happy as well that Miley’s gone back to her roots a little. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Foo Fighters – Glastonbury 2017

Image result for foo fighters glastonbury 2017

Whilst we’re on the concert train, I absolutely categorically 100% have to shout about how frikking awesome the mighty Foo Fighters were at Glastonbury this year! In case you didn’t know, they are my favourite band on the planet and I worship Dave Grohl. I wasn’t there, but let me assure you I was head banging and singing like a trooper from the comfort of my bedroom.

Pure class.

Doughnut/Flat Peaches – Co-op – £1 for 4

Image result

So I’ve basically been living on these bad boys! & I don’t know what it is about Co-Op’s peaches specifically but they’re so much juicier than everywhere else – I’d also recommend their raspberries! Sadly there’s no pics of my own here bc I ate them all. They were tasty.

e.l.f. Oil Free SPF 15 Sunscreen Flawless Finish Foundation – Superdrug – £7.50


So I decided it was about time I tried a new brand of foundation, and with e.l.f. recently launching in the UK I thought why not! Lets start with saying, the packaging kills me – it looks so high end! I love the frosted glass bottle and how pretty it looks sat on my shelf!

I picked up the shade ‘Buff’ as I’ve got one or two other foundations in that shade …except I should have paid more attention because e.l.f.’s ‘buff’ is a lot darker than the other buffs I own! That said I’m v tanned atm but my face is a little paler than the rest of me, so in around about way, this shade was perfect! The coverage is really good and it blends in beautifully – like I’m so impressed! Plus it claims to have sunscreen in it so…handy!

Large Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush – The Body Shop – £8


I’m gonna say it – The Body Shop do the best hairbrushes! I swear they’re built for longevity because I’ve owned their Styling Brush for years now, and I’m still loving it. They’re just such good quality & I can’t recommend them enough; price-wise, they might be a little pricey for some but believe me you’re buying quality here.

Pretty Little Liars – Netflix

Image result for pretty little liars


It’s the end of an era, with the final ever episode of PLL being aired in the UK on Wednesday night – I almost feel like… now what? It really is one of my fave shows, I was forever loving the suspense and mystery (plus can we talk about the Spoby chemistry?!) & I feel so sad that it’s finished forever. I will admit though, I have a hundred and one feelings about the finale, mostly about a certain accent.. I will say no more, just incase you haven’t seen it!

& that’s a wrap! Please tell me if you’ve enjoyed any of my favourites or let me know what you’ve been loving this month! & as always, thank you for being such a beaut online family.

Big kisses,


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. What! I can’t believe E.L.F has launched at Superdrug, how exciting. I used to love their products. I also absolutely loved One Love Manchester, it was so inspiring and beautiful and made me cry throughout. Ariana is a true inspiration. Pretty Little Liars is finally over 😦 sad times, the finale was sooo good as episodes go and I think Troian is amazing however I do feel with this show it had so much potential to be amazing but it never was, you get me? Still my favourite show of all time though, I have to say. If only the fan theorists could have wrote it though…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katie Rose says:

      I know!! I’d never tried e.lf. before either so was so excited, and can’t believe how pretty/pro the packaging looks! What have you tried from them before?! I was crying too, like a big baby! Ariana did a beautiful thing 🙂 Omg I TOTALLY get you, and could not agree more that if the fans had had the reigns, we could have been in for a corker of a finale.. just felt like it was a bit mediocre in the end didn’t you?! What did you think of the A.D. reveal? Thanks for reading btw! 🙂 x x


  2. chxrlotterose says:

    Love that bedding! Asda does the loveliest printed affordable bedding I think! Lovely post ☺️ I love doughnut peaches (and peaches in general) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katie Rose says:

      They really do don’t they, ASDA in general do the most beaut homeware (& like you say, so affordable!!) Peaches are SO good aren’t they! Big fan of nectarines too! Thanks so much for reading Charlotte! x x x x x

      Liked by 1 person

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