Recipe: Millionaire’s Shortbread

Ok, now hold on to your brollies folks (it's hella wet in the UK right now), I may have just made the sexiest Millionaires Shortbread yet.  I mean I think it tastes alright anyway?! I decided last Saturday whilst flicking through one of my many baking books, that I wanted to practice making something a bit … Continue reading Recipe: Millionaire’s Shortbread


10 Things Nobody with Depression Needs to Hear

So I wanted to write this post for a few reasons - I think 1) kinda out of just sheer frustration, 2) people can legit be divs so I feel like having a finger tapping mini-rant about it and 3) because I don't think I'm alone here - if you've had or have depression, you'll … Continue reading 10 Things Nobody with Depression Needs to Hear