A Little Lush Haul!

HANDS UP IF YOU LOVE LUSH! If you didn't raise your hands then I totally respect the fact that it might have looked very weird, particularly if you're sat in Starbucks sipping on a caramel popcorn frappe surrounded by people folk; however, if you really don't love Lush... are you CRAZY. Anywho, I took myself to Lush at … Continue reading A Little Lush Haul!


A Day in Bath!

If you've kept up with my latest posts & social media, you'll know that I made my merry way to stay with my Aunt in Wiltshire last week, and what should be 15 minutes on a train away, but Bath! Beautiful Bath. Now, it just so happens that visiting the Roman Baths is on my tres lengthy bucket … Continue reading A Day in Bath!


So if you've been following my Insta stories, Twitter feed, or you've read my July Mental Health Reflection, you may well know that I put my brave girl undercrackers on yesterday and stood to toe-to-toe with my anxiety to come away for a break ON MY OWN. It also meant braving trains, which I've not … Continue reading I DID IT!

My July Favourites!

Well July, weren't you just a bundle full of far too many favourites that I had to whittle down otherwise we very much could have been here all freaking year... Yup. With that in mind, I'll not dawdle, lets dive straight into the things I lurrved last month! L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara - £7.99 I'll … Continue reading My July Favourites!

25 MORE Facts About Me

Hola my little possums! So I thought seeing as I've reached a whole 1000 followers on Twitter - say whaaa - I'd share a little bit more about me - I'm not that interesting a human, but I love to read these sorta posts myself so thought, why the buggering heck not?! Head over to my previous … Continue reading 25 MORE Facts About Me