A Day in Bath!


If you’ve kept up with my latest posts & social media, you’ll know that I made my merry way to stay with my Aunt in Wiltshire last week, and what should be 15 minutes on a train away, but Bath! Beautiful Bath. Now, it just so happens that visiting the Roman Baths is on my tres lengthy bucket list, so could I really not have gone?! It had to be done!


Now I’m not sure about you, but I’ve seen an awful lot of photos of these famous rainbow umbrellas in the streets of Bath and I knew it was something I needed to grab an Insta-worthy shot of – not entirely sure what their story is, but look!


I literally could not believe the sheer amount of shops – it’s crazy! I’m almost certain there’s not a shop you could name that isn’t there. All this said, Bath isn’t without it’s own gorgeous independent stores – from a sultry fudge pantry, a chocolate shop complete with moving ship in window, a retro store with old fashioned toys & games (tiddlywinks & blow football!) and one that I particularly fell in love with – a little shop filled with handmade wooden ornaments – from animals  to coasters, even jewellery! Stunning.




Strolling along the cobbled streets I was soon greeted by a super imposing and absolutely bloody stunning building – Bath Abbey. Sadly, we weren’t able to go in have a look around because there was a wedding going on! Imagine. So that will definitely be on my list for when I return next time.



Now of course being the gigantic history nerd that I am, I was itching to see the Roman Baths! On entering, you don’t have to wait long to be amazed – eyes up!


Tickets for an adult (that’s me) cost £17 which I found a little expensive, but that does include a free audio guide and the option to join an hourly guided tour, and I’m guessing a lot of the money goes towards the conservation of the baths – plus you are seeing something pretty spectacular so…


As always, I won’t land you with a history lesson, so if you’re interested in learning a little more about the baths, click here to have a nosey at the official website! Without further ado, here are just a handful of the billion & one photos I snapped during my time there;

Bath Abbey overlooks the Baths. Didn’t fancy having a dunk myself..


Make a wish!
My rockstar Auntie and her Tee that errybody loved!


One of my favourite shots ❤

As is tradition when I visit a historical site I’ve not been to before, I left with a pencil – this one, emblazoned with gold roman numerals!

Bath itself, is just a buzzing, bustling and beautiful city – I couldn’t believe how busy it was, and the amount of tourists! It felt like another London! For someone with anxiety, I really felt like I’d thrown myself in at the deep end – I was ok though, and I think, far too in my Dora-the-explorer-esque (backpack included!) element to be too phased!

A stunning floral homage to author Jane Austen, on the 200th anniversary of her death.

We walked along this gorgeous river and had a panini & milkshake at a little tearoom along that bridge somewhere! How gorge is that bridge, btw?! So picturesque.



A sweet little plant shop along the bridge, brimming with succulents etc!

& would you believe, we came across an Alice in Wonderland themed tearoom – sadly, we couldn’t stop & eat there as they were hosting a hen party!

One thing can be said for Bath – it’s not without talent! There were so many different singers & musicians in the squares or streets, and honestly it was an absolute privilege to listen to them – these two lads sang a beaut rendition of Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car right next to the Abbey. Can’t ask for a better location than that!


In short, Bath, je t’aime. Also, in the words of a somewhat famous Arnie, I’ll be back.

I hear the Christmas markets are to die for. 

Let me know if you’re after going to Bath or if you’ve been & there’s anywhere you’d recommend to eat or see!

Big kisses,





17 thoughts on “A Day in Bath!

  1. Oh I just love Bath, it’s a shopper lovers dream. I’ve only been the once last year and very briefly but I did get to see the Roman Baths, although we didn’t pay to go in so didn’t get to explore half as much as you. The wishing fountain/water looks lovely and your photos are so incredible. I would love to go back and do the tour, also I would be so tempted to just throw 100’s of LUSH bath bombs in the water to see what happened, can you imagine!? The Alice in Wonderland tea room sounds amazing, from the outside it looks so cool. Its a shame you didn’t get to go in but definitely just another excuse for you to go back. Glad you had a lovely day exploring hun! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I’m literally camera obsessed so had to take photos of basically everything in Bath, it’s such a picturesque city isn’t it?! If you go again, you’ll deff have to give the Roman Baths a proper look, they’re so interesting! Hahaha, I’m ngl I did think about how amazing it’d be to chuck the contents of Lush into the giant baths & see what happens, how DREAMY! Thanks so much for commenting!! & sorry I’m so late getting back to you! xxxxxx


    1. It’s bloody beautiful isn’t it!! So bustling, it kinda reminded me of London at times! But like…more friendly? 🙂 You were so lucky to work there! Where did you work? Have you ever been to the Chrimbo markets there? xx


      1. Yeah I know what you mean, It’s so gorgeous and has so many side streets. I love how many independent shops there are around there as well. I was a shop manager for H&B and the markets are lovely but so busy. It’s a great day out though if you fancied it. Would definitely put you in the christmassy spirit. Plus I think they do ice skating too!! xx


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