My Mental Health: August Reflection


I’m not gonna lie to you, it has been a hectic few weeks – I’ve neglected my blog, I’ve not plucked my eyebrows, I poured my Rice Krispies in to my teacup – what is going on?!

Anyway, I’d like very much to get back into the swing of things, so lets crack on!

August was such a positive month for my mental health; probably the most positive of the year so far, which makes me feel so optimistic about September! If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know that I braved trains for the first time in a year BY MYSELF, I hopped on a coach to Wiltshire to visit my lovely Auntie BY MYSELF and I pretty much strutted around like a rockstar the whole time I was there! Just pure elation that I’d achieved something that – for what felt like forever – my anxiety had convinced me I wasn’t capable of. This time last year, I couldn’t leave the house by myself. It’s a huge deal for me!

You can read more about my little adventure here which is excitedly entitled ‘I DID IT’, because y’know… I DID IT! & you can also have a gander at my day trip to Bath if you fancy it! It’s literally a serial-shopper’s paradise, & I hear the Christmas Markets there are to die for. 

So…yeah? I’m still sort of running on a little adrenaline from all of that adventuring – it really meant the absolute world to me to be able to metaphorically pick up my sword and tell my anxiety where to stick it. I did myself proud – which is not something I ever say! It doesn’t mean I no longer have anxiety… because I do. I’ve still got a little way to go, and truthfully I might never fully shift it – but I’ll not lie, I literally came back feeling like there’s nothing I can’t tackle, & that was bloody bananas.

It helps that I had such a supportive Aunt to visit! She’s literally the definition of positivity – in her eyes, there’s nothing that can’t be resolved, nothing that can’t be conquered – she’s a total free spirit and wild thing, and an inspiration. We all need a little infectious positivity in our lives, and she’s mine. Thank you for everything. 

In other news, counselling is doing me the world of good! I’m still dealing with things – deep rooted things – that are proving difficult to move on from/let go of, but I still think it’s something to finally be at a stage where I can at least take stuff out of the box and look at it – rather than stick a padlock on the crap that’s weighing me down.

I’m being lots more sociable! I still have my limits and there are still social things/crowds that I’ll avoid – just because anxiety – but mostly… I’m getting there. Yay! I think the other thing for me is, learning to take care of myself better when anxiety creeps in – taking myself away from situations that might trigger it, giving myself space when I need it. Depression has been – touch wood – dormant for a little while now, which is amazing! Long may it continue. I think it’s all about knowing your limits, knowing when you can tackle said limits, surrounding yourself with positivity and not being so hard on yourself.

With that said, I hope you’re doing well! Update me on YOU, and I wish you the happiest September – it’s nearly Autumn!

Thank you for always being so bloody lovely.

Big kisses!




13 thoughts on “My Mental Health: August Reflection

  1. I’m so glad to hear that August was a great month for you Katie :). The baths looks like such a beautiful place to be. I’ve been getting into the swing of things with school starting again, trying to be more sociable myself and making sure to exercise at least 3 times a week.

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    1. Thank you so much lovely lady!! You’re already doing better than me with the exercise three times a week! How do you motivate yourself?! I find it so hard at times to actually want to exercise, even though I know I need to!! Hope school is going well for you! ❤ x x x

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      1. Anytime :). It’s honestly hard to exercise by myself, so I joined a training camp that comes with a personal trainer and that’s really helped me to become intentional in working out. I highly recommend that or taking a class/ joining a gym, it makes exercising so much easier. Thank you katie 🙂 It is! I’m learning so much.

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