My September Favourites!

Ok, ok – yes I missed my August favourites.


I’m also a little late whipping out my September faves..

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been slacking on the blogging front lately, and I’ve actually frosted my own cookies over it. I guess I’ve just felt a little uninspired and a little underwhelmed – I’ve just sat at the keyboard at random five minute intervals and discovered I have nothing to say! If you know, you know. 

Anyway, me wittering on about my inability to magic a draft in to a real life post is not why you’re here, so without any further ado, I give you my September favourites!

Yoga with AdrieneYouTube (bedtime, pre-run, post-run, yoga for anxiety)

Ok now I will be 110% brutally honest with you here – I’ve long been a yoga sceptic. For years I couldn’t fathom this whole inner peace thing and how stretching in funny ways could be good for you – and yet my Aunt often says to me that one of the reasons she’s so chill is because of yoga. & so with my quest to discover the ultimate ‘chill’ and deliver a little self-care, I decided to be open to yoga and I let Adriene of ‘Yoga with Adriene’ on trusty YouTube take my yogi virginity.

She’s pretty popular & by the looks of it, one of the most viewed yoga youtubers out there – she’s incredibly calming, easy to follow and I shit you not, it bloody works. I began with a pre-run yoga (she literally has yoga workouts for EVERYTHING), then went for a run and came back to do post-run yoga. I felt amazing. She also has one I’ve just recently done for anxiety and another for before bedtime. I think it’s about being open to it?

Oh and be prepared, that myth about involuntary farting?

It’s not a myth.

VictoriaITV – Sundays at 9pm

Image result for victoria and albert series

I cannot tell you how much I absolutely adore this programme – it could not be anymore perfect if you wrapped it in ribbons and stuck a puppy on top! I may even have included it in a previous favourites, but I care not! The young Queen is played magnificently (*posh word alert*) by Jenna Coleman, & it follows her early reign and includes meeting & marrying Prince Albert, whose love story btw, just kills me. Beautifully made, aesthetically pleasing AF to look at and I can’t. I just can’t.

Sunday evenings are my FAVES RN.

Foo FightersConcrete and Gold

Image result for foo fighters concrete and gold

Ok, nobody was more excited about the return of the mighty Foos more than I! If you know me well, you’ll know that Dave & the boys, are categorically my favourite band on the planet – they can do no wrong, and that’s true of their latest album, Concrete and Gold. It’s got a bit of a classic rock feel to it, and stand out tracks for me – aside from the obvs which is of course The Sky is a Neighbourhood‘, are ‘La Dee Dah‘, ‘Happily Ever After (Zero Hour)’ and the title track ‘Concrete and Gold’. 

Srsly though, if you’re a fan, go listen. If you’re not a fan, give yourself a good talking to and then, go listen.

Urban Decay Setting Spray


If you read my recent post I Won an Amazing Giveaway!, you might remember that I was lucky enough to win as part of that prize, not one but two (!) Urban Decay setting sprays! I’d heard so many good things about these, and I was chuffed as a button to be able to give them a whirl! They’re fab – a far cry from the L’Oreal one I’d been using prior, and I find my makeup lasting and looking fresher for longer. What more could you want?!

TK Maxx Candles


Now if these two babies don’t sing Autumn in a dreamy operatic voice, I don’t know what will! I did speak about these in my last post My Autumn Essentials so I won’t say much more than, these genuinely smell like what they say on the jar – even when they’re not lit, you can smell them from across the room! Did I mention they were just £2.99 each? Oh I didn’t? Ok. Well they were £2.99 each.

You’re welcome.

& that’s a wrap! Let me know if you’ve watched/listened/purchased or have loved any of my faves, or if I’ve tempted you into having a look in to any of them!

Big smoochies,



4 thoughts on “My September Favourites!

  1. I love the U.S. Version (TJ Maxx) and I’ve purchased a couple of those candles from a store with a similar vibe called Marshalls. I’ve heard good things about Yoga with Adrienne but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m so glad Yoga is working for you Katie, keep it up :).


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