A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way


So I was just recently feeling pretty low.

I’d been revisiting the ‘roots’ of my depression – I’d determined that I would write a post and try to speak openly about them in order to try and help others, and maybe attempt to give myself a little closure too.

It was just too much, too soon.

I found myself looking through old photos, pouring through memories and realising how raw some things still are, and how far I’ve still got to go before I’m able to speak out loud about it.

I took to Twitter & summarised all of the above in 140 characters. Within a few minutes, a kind stranger who I’d just that day offered a little support and some love hearts to (casual), offered me the same support & some kind words back – “You see how far you have to go, while others are inspired by your strength”.

It turned my whole mindset around. This one small act of human kindness, seemed so alien but so wonderful, that I blubbed. Like a baby. Isn’t it strange that kindness should feel so overwhelming and so unfamiliar?! Now I’m not saying people are constantly horrible to me, of course not! Just that genuine acts of human kindness are kinda rare nowadays? & I find that so incredibly sad.

What’s more, if you suffer with, or know someone who suffers with depression, you’ll know that things can be pretty dark sometimes. & we all need a little light in the darkness, y’know?

So my little message to you today is, to follow my friend’s lead. Send a message of support, lend a hand if you can, offer your inbox if someone needs to talk, drop a text – you have no idea what one small act of kindness can do to someone’s day.

Please give this beautiful girl – PerrieBelle – a follow & then go scoot your hiney off to sprinkle that kindness dust everywhere!

Big grateful and gooey kisses,



4 thoughts on “A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

  1. Loved this🙂 I’ve been feeling rather low myself actually, so low that I’m starting not to see the point in things I used to care about. I couldn’t care less about school, social media ( I deleted all my personal ones ) and honestly I just want to retreat from life. Small acts of kindness from some lovely bloggers on Twitter helped me, but I felt bad constantly tweeting about how sad I felt so I stopped. My friends don’t seem to see how much I’m struggling as well. I’m just so alone.
    ….and I totally got side tracked. I didn’t mean to type all that and I’m so sorry for dumping that all on you, especially because you’re having such a rough time as well.
    Take care, fingers crossed we’ll make it xx


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