A Cotswolds Birthday Getaway!

Before I begin, I just want to say a big thank you & send a virtual bear hug to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my previous guest post swap with Lauren  – we wanted so much to bring a little awareness to emetophobia and depression and it means the world that you were all so supportive & lovely. Cheers pals.

SO, I turn the ripe old young age of 27 tomorrow, and I can already tell you that I’ve been absolutely spoilt silly by the top banana that is my boyfriend. He never fails to treat me like a princess, & even though I’d happily settle for a Colin the Caterpillar cake and a cinema trip to see Paddington 2, he went a solid ten better and whisked me away to the Cotswolds! The bloody Cotswolds! Oh but it wasn’t any old kind of whisking – he booked us two nights in a v swish and v modern pod.


A pod?! I hear you ask – right eyebrow hooked; I guess it’s like a super modern pretty ‘shed’, and it’s for the purpose of glamping! Which I’m ngl suited me much more than the traditional camping in a tent sitch (ask me about V Festival 2009 sometime – spoiler: it was not my cuppa chai).

We stayed with Notgrove Holidays in one of eight pods – I believe they also let out cottages too! We were in the middle of a big ol’ field, probably in the middle of another big field, and were surrounded by many more fields. I was, suffice to say, happy as a lamb. We had alpacas and donkeys for neighbours, fresh eggs on tap and surroundings that rivaled the Shire. Sadly we arrived in the dark on the Friday night, so we didn’t get to see all of this til Saturday morning – we also got lost and ended up on a private estate.. I wasn’t worried at all that a farmer might come swinging a pitchfork at us. (I locked the doors on the off chance).

The pod itself was actually just perfect in size for the two of us – it says on the website that it sleeps four, but in my opinion that might be a tad cramped. It had everything you could need; a gorgeously comfy corner sofa, a dining table & TV, double bed & wet room – the wet room/bathroom was so dinky that you could quite happily sit on the loo & shower if you wanted to! We didn’t, but you could if you wanted to. Leg shaving made easy, no? I didn’t take any pics of the inside, but if you follow this link you can have a gander there!

We were right next to a games room which provided tins of food and fresh laid eggs, for which you pop money in an honesty box – there were also coffee machines, table tennis, books, sofas & board games – really quite cosy too! We didn’t use this much as we were eager to explore our green surroundings, and so on the Saturday we drove around til we stumbled upon a place called Stow.


Coat: Boohoo – Boots: Office – Bobble hat: George at Asda – Jeans: New Look

Now if this wasn’t something out of The Holiday then I don’t know what is! Such a beautiful old fashioned town, and like so many places in the Cotswolds, it’s home to quaint houses, photogenic front doors, cobbled streets and beautiful walls (there is such a thing, trust me!). Oh and I should mention that I found a house called ‘Bag End’ and it basically made my life. If you’re a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fan, you’ll know!

If you ever should find yourself there, we popped into Lucy’s Tearoom to warm up & find shelter from the rain, and had large hot chocolates & shortbread – the staff were so bloody lovely that I’ll not forget that!


Saturday night soon came around my boyfriend was soon whisking me off again, this time for a slap up meal at a beaut country pub called The Halfway House, complete with fairy lights and candles if you please! (Totally going back there!). We stuffed ourselves silly and polished off the experience with a warm chocolate brownie & sticky toffee pudding respectively. He refused to piggy-back me & my food baby to the car which I just found offensive tbh.

Sunday soon rolled around, and we had to get our hineys out by 10am – you can safely assume I spent most of the morning trying to get my eyebrows right instead of loading the car because apparently I have the eyebrows from hell. Anyone else?! I stopped short of shaving them off altogether, helped pack and clean, spent a solid ten minutes looking at our little pod all sad, made the bf take selfies with me and then kissed him a million times because I bloody love him. Put your sick buckets down, jeees.


We made for home but stopped off in another beaut village on the way – which really did steal my heart – called Burford. I don’t know if it was the adorable cobbled houses, the stunning church, the kind people, the ducks, the medieval pubs or the little shops. I mean, probably all of it! We had a lovely fry up and walked it off with a wander of the village streets. I really feel like that’s where I want to live! A little medieval village.



The Cotswolds is just absolutely stonkingly beautiful. Everywhere we went we were spoilt for views, we didn’t know which way to look! We’d be driving down a country lane, and my bf got so used to me asking him to pull in so I could take it all in or take pictures, that he’d stop every so often naturally after a while! I’d be ankle deep in mud but happy as anything!



Rolling fields literally enveloped us – we had to stop to let pheasants cross the road, or to let tractors through! I’m truly a countryside girl I reckon, because all these little things just added to how much I loved our time there.



We’ve already decided that we must go back! There’s so much to see and do, and as we only had a couple days there we were a little limited – apparently there’s a village where they filmed Downton Abbey in, so I’m obvs itching to go there! Plus there are lots of castles, heritage sites, viewpoints and National Trust places to see, not to mention the 101 views that we didn’t see!



In short, I absolutely loved my birthday treat – would I recommend the Notgrove pods to you?! Yes I 100% would! You wouldn’t believe how cosy and comfy we were (though I would suggest investing in wellies, just sayin) and how healthy and wonderful it felt to be surrounded by so much nature. It’s so good for the soul and a perfect retreat. I just wish we could have stayed longer!


I couldn’t finish this post off without saying how wonderfully lucky and fortunate I feel to have someone as frikking wonderful as my bf – he’s my family, my home, my best pal. I’ve been spoilt silly this weekend and there’s no one else I’d rather get stuck in the mud in the Cotswolds with. Thanks, S. ❤

You really can pop your sick buckets away now, I’ll stop I swear.

Have you been to the Cotswolds before?! Have I tempted you to go yet?! I hope you’re having a top Monday!

Big schmootzy kisses,


Notgrove Holidays – https://notgroveholidays.com/







4 thoughts on “A Cotswolds Birthday Getaway!

  1. HOW ADORABLE ARE YOU THOUGH!? I’m so glad you had a great time! Also I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to getting him to pull over every 2 minutes to take photos! I’ve never actually been to the Cotswolds but I’ve always wanted to go! x

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