2017: My Year in Pictures

Can you believe it?! We’re on the cusp (weird word ‘cusp’) of a brand new year and I’m not entirely sorry to see the back of 2017. It’s been a pretty tough one for the most part, and that’s largely down to my mental health not being the greatest. All that said though – & in the words of a famous Elton – I’m still standing! & I really do have some cracking memories to bank from 2017. I’d like to take you through some – kinda wish I had a Tardis or some equally exciting time machine now, but we’ll have to settle for photographs!

New Years in Looe, Cornwall

This feels like it was legit forever ago, but we rung in the new year bells in one of our favourite places, Looe in Cornwall! We spent a few days in a flat that was all kinds of perfect for us, complete with views that dreams are made of & a sunrise that melted my heart. Perfect, perfect, perfect & I’m itching to get my hiney back on Cornish soil ASAP.

Summer days & nights at our (probably-not-so-secret-now) spot!

Now if you follow me on instagram, you may have been force fed a fair amount of freaking beautiful viewpoint shots – & mostly they will have been from this place, a little countryside dream near Dorking, Surrey. My boyfriend and I spent many a Summery day with a picnic or ice cream in hand, and a handful of evenings watching the sun set. Pure magic. It became somewhere I could be at one with the world, and it’ll always be one of our fave spots to escape and watch the fields roll.

Days out at Leeds Castle

We’d never actually been to Leeds before this year, so it was a bit of a treat when we bought our tickets that they lasted a whole year from that date – it meant we spent a good portion of this year basking in the beauty of the castle and grounds, eating ice cream, chasing ducklings for that shot, and sunbathing in the gardens. Not to mention that Leeds put on some cracking events! We went to a food festival where we watched real life chefs (someone calm me down ffs) cook for us and took home far too many sugary treats! We also went to a car show and this year’s Christmas markets. They had reindeer!

I became a God-mum!


I was very kindly asked by my boyfriend’s brother & girlfriend to become a Godparent to their little girl – of course I said yes! It was such a lovely day and I was beaming with pride, despite the fact I was an awkward/anxiety sandwich!

A day in Bath & making a scary journey!

Now if you read my post “I Did It!” you will know that I stuck my famed brave girl undercrackers on and put a big ol’ middle finger up to my anxiety, when I made the journey to finally stay with my Aunt in Wiltshire – it’d been a long time coming and I’d decided I wasn’t going to be frightened out of doing it anymore! We had an absolute cracking time of it, watching Dunkirk in the most retro cinema with buds in hand, drinking many a Guinness, a chinese dinner treat and exploring! We visited beautiful Bath and I bloody loved it – you can read more about that here!

Caravan weekends

We were lucky enough to have my boyfriend’s parent’s caravan for weekend escapes and witnessed many a beaut sunset! It meant that we could hop in the car on a Friday night and wake up with the sea five minutes away. We’re so grateful we had that escape!

A weekend with old pals!

It’s no secret that as we get older we don’t get to see our pals as much – whether it’s work or family commitments, or the fact we live a little further away – that’s the case with us! My boyfriend and I spent a weekend with two pals we definitely don’t get to see enough of, and it was memorable! We visited one of my personal faves, Hever Castle and a zoo, before indulging in far too many shots & singing like loons to Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl. We also just last weekend spent a Sunday arvi with them where we were cooked a beaut and belly filling pre-Christmas-Christmas dinner! Magic.

A Cotswolds Birthday Escape!

I only recently published a post on this, but what an absolute treat!! My boyfriend whisked me away for my 27th (yikes) to the beaut Cotswolds, where we stayed in a glamping pod with a company called Notgrove. I definitely had my reservations having never been glamping before, but it was an absolute dream! We were cosy as a cosy thing, had everything we needed with views and fresh eggs to boot! If you’ve never been to the Cotswolds, I 100% recommend it – think the location where Kate Winslet’s cottage is in The Holiday. Picturesque AF.

Time spent with my fave people!

My grandparents are two of my favourite folk and I’m always chuffed as a button to spend time with them – mostly because I laugh so much! My Grandad particularly has a knack for making me lol, and for his 70th we went for an Indian meal where I genuinely spent the entirety of the night cry-laughing. Memorable!

& that’s a wrap on my 2017 year in pictures! I hope you’ve had (& are having, it’s not over yet!) an absolutely cracking one and pop me a comment below of what your fave photo is from your year and why!

Big kisses always ❤



9 thoughts on “2017: My Year in Pictures

  1. I love this! Your pictures are so stunning and it’s such a lovely idea to focus on the good times you’ve had this year! Hopefully this time next year we will have a photo of both of us to include in our 2018 in pictures post! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Katie!! I just found your blog and am LOVING your posts so far! So funny how many similarities you can find with someone who lives so far. Good luck with your anxiety/depression journey, it seems like this has been a year of growth, reflection, and new beginnings. Can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring for you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Sarah!! Aw thank you so much, what a treat to read your comment! I agree, it can be uncanny sometimes, the amount you can have in common with someone across the net/world! Thanks so much for loving my posts, it really does mean the world! & I hope you have the best 2018, and that it brings you all the joy, positivity & happiness! ❤ xxx


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