What I Got for Christmas 2017

poof. Another Christmas has come and gone!

I literally can never get over the fact that we have such a crazy ol’ build up to the big day, for it to be over in a flash! I for one, had a cracking time of it; I spent it with some wonderful people, ate myself into a food coma, and was spoilt rotten! With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little show & tell of the gifts I received – disclaimer: this is in no way me showing off – this is literally just a blog post and I genuinely love watching and reading other peoples’ of these, so wanted to do my own!

Cluse Watch

I’ve legit had my beady eye on this watch now for around two years, so you can imagine the leaps for joy when I unwrapped it on Christmas morn! It’s so beautiful, in fact I think it’s the most classy thing I own! It’s got a bright white face with a gold outline and detailing, and a sophisticated grey strap. Happy as a lamb. Oh & apparently I have no excuse for being late now. Am I late to places? Me? No…

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup

Now I’d spied this in Disney Store a couple times, and I may have heavily hinted that if it landed its merry way into my stocking I might just be over the moon! & as if by magic, there it was – although too big for my stocking!! It’s a fair size mug, so plenty of tea! It feels excellent quality and I’d say it’s definitely a must-have for any Alice in Wonderland fan!

Lush treats!


Would Christmas be Christmas without all the Lush stuff?! They really outdid themselves this year and I loved it! My family and boyfriend obviously know me well because I was spoilt rotten for Lush this year! Above you can see Plum Snow, Snow Fairy and Butterbear, with a little pot of Sleepy, which I did ask for because I do have trouble sleeping & I’ve only heard good things about it! I did receive a few other Lush bits, including a Snow Fairy box & some of their jelly bombs, like Ectoplasm! Spoilt. Sodding. Rotten. 

All the Harry Potter stuff!


As you may or may not know, I love Harry Potter. I’m still convinced my letter is lost in the post & I’m supposed to be in Potions right now, but hey oh! I received some wonderful Harry themed pressies – from PJ’s to socks to slippers, to a blanket, to a dinky mug that might just be perfect for an espresso! (Everything bar the mug is from Primark, if you’re after any of these bits!)

Victoria – Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD


100% one of my fave TV shows of all time, and one of the standout of the year! If you haven’t seen it, you simply must! It’s brimming with aesthetically pleasing sets, locations and costume, & a sassy Queen V played brilliantly by Jenna Coleman. It follows the beginning of the young Queen’s reign, & we watch as she tackles the demands of the crown, meets Albert (that love story though) & faces the challenge of motherhood. So good.

Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook


All hail the Queen! I freaking adore Mary Berry. I’ve been going by her recipes since I was little, from her glorious Marble Cake  to her scrumptious Banana Loaf she’s not done me wrong yet! I was so chuffed to receive this because it pretty much covers all bases, for all types of meals or bakes – it’s quite possibly the only cookbook I’ll ever need, and that’s fine by me!

Topshop Denim Borg Lined Jacket & New Look Black Denim Jeggings


I was so bloody happy to open this!!! I mean I was happy to open everything, but this was up there! I’d been lusting after these types of jacket for aaages, so to finally own one made my day! It’s a bit of a boyfriend fit & a size up to my normal, which I like! It’s very warm and cuddly, and I’ll be living in it now. I’ve just tried to find it on the Topshop website, but it’s not there! Pop into a store though because I’m certain I’ve seen it on the sale rails! I also received these black denim jeggings, which I’ve been living in all week! If you’re after some good quality and nice fitted jeggings, definitely head to New Look, or New Look via ASOS to grab these! I think they’re called ‘Emilee’ jeggings!

ASOS KATCHER PETITE Heeled Over The Knee Boots

Image result for ASOS KATCHER PETITE Heeled Over The Knee Boots
I did pinch the ASOS lady’s legs, because these bad boys are a little bit of a job to get on by yourself and my boyfriend is currently not here to help (what else are they for, if not to pull your boots up!) I absolutely love these. If it’s possible to fall in love with boots, then I have. I can’t wait to style these, in fact I may even wear them to bed BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Did I mention they’re in the ASOS sale right now? Oh I didn’t? Ok, well they are. You’re welcome.

Tom Hardy Calendar 2018


Do I really need to write a caption here?! I mean. Just. Yes. Just YES.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell gift set


I actually got to finally visit one of my best friends just a few days ago, which was a present in itself! We ate cake, drank questionable wine (didn’t stop us finishing it of course), watched Harry Potter and talked ourselves silly. We exchanged gifts, and along with a beautiful purple diary, she gifted me this Victoria’s Secret set, which smells gorgeous! 

London lights 

I’m counting visiting London & seeing it lit up for Christmas as a Christmas present, because it really was an absolute treat. My boyfriend whisked me up to bustling London town on a whim, and it was just wonderful. I love London, I always have – anxiety has stopped me a lot in getting there (trains & people etc) and every year I say about the lights but we’ve not made it. This year, we did! We walked for miles, from Oxford Circus to Carnaby Street, St Pauls, Leicester Square – there was actually a Christmas market on in Leicester Square (it might still be on) where we stopped for a very tasty burger that frankly was too big for my mouth! Seeing the London lights just about made my Christmas.

I really was spoilt silly this year – not just with presents, but with company. It’s been so nice to spend time with people that I love, and for the people I didn’t get to see, well, there’s always next year, right?! I hope you had the very best time! Please let me know what you got below, I’m nosy as hell and would love to know!

With this being my last post of 2017, I want to say a big soppy thank you for supporting me, for reading my ramblings, and being the very best of the top bananas. Have an amazing new year!

Love always,




22 thoughts on “What I Got for Christmas 2017

    1. Thank you so much, I know I’m so grateful for everything, I’ve barely taken the jacket off! 😂 definitely get sleepy, I’d love to know what you think! Hope you had a lovely Christmas?! 🙂 xxx


  1. So the mad hatter cup was definitely my favorite but then…..as an Harry Potter fan myself😉, the whole Harry Potter pack became my instant favorite . The presents are so nice I love all of them!❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much, haha the Harry Potter stash is definitely a fave of mine too, I’m too scared to use the Mad Hatter teacup, it might have to live proudly on the shelf!! 😊 hope you had a wonderful christmas? Sending love! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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