2018: My Happiness Year

First things first, I want to wish you the happiest new year. Wherever you are, wherever you’re reading this from, I hope that 2018 is everything you want it to be! In fact, let’s start with that – it’s been bloody wonderful to see all the different countries you guys are reading from. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and it’ll never not be amazing to me that people actually read what I write; thank you. Towards the end of the year, I wasn’t nearly as active as I’d have liked to be – but I intend to change that this year, so stick with me won’t ya?!

So let’s get the tough stuff outta the way. I can tell you now that I spent the majority of 2017 suffering badly with my mental health. For the most part, I just felt complete hopelessness. I contemplated my existence a handful of times, I questioned my purpose, I fought my own mind on a loop. In many ways it was probably the worst year yet, in terms of how low I felt. I realise that for the longest time – for years – I’ve simply ‘existed’ rather than lived.

I intend to change that too.

I do suffer with my mental health – I may not be the best at holding down a job, meeting up with friends or dealing with anything remotely human as a result of that at times, but I’ve got heart. When it boils down to it, I truly believe that life is beautiful – & I want to live it. As much as depression & anxiety will have me believe I can’t carry on at times, I know I can. Because I’ve done it before. & I’ll keep doing it. I want to grow, to learn, to progress – I want to see things, witness magic and be so lost in a moment that the world stops for a while. In fact, strike that, I want a hundred moments like that, not just one! 2018 will be different, just because it has to be. Time is precious, and I refuse to watch it pass me by any longer.

& hey! 2017 wasn’t all bad. It’d be easy to drown in all the negativity, but there were people, memories and moments that made it altogether actually pretty wonderful. I have absolutely the best partner in life. He’s adventure, inspiration & love all rolled into one! My mental health has been tough on both of us this past year and I’m so grateful that he chooses me again and again. I had weekends with friends at castles & zoos, laugh-cried a lot on my Grandad’s 70th, saw London lit up for Christmas, ate food cooked by actual chefs (I know right?!); went glamping, repeatedly found the courage to blog about mental health, and donned my probably-now-infamous brave girl undercrackers(!) to journey & visit my Aunt in Wiltshire – twice! & I really do have the very best friends. I didn’t spend nearly enough time with them this past year, & with 2018 being the year that one of my best friends will become a Dad for the first time, it’s already so special! I also plan on finally meeting my beaut pal Kimberley who I wouldn’t have been able to get through 2017 without!

I’ve coined this post ‘My Happiness Year’, simply because I am determined for it to be just that. I’ve been mourning for who I was for such a long time, rather than using the opportunity to become someone I actually want to be. It’s a gift really; a sort of rebirth? (If you’re not thinking of Fawkes the phoenix right now, then… you’re doing it all wrong my friend!) Happiness begins from within, so I’m starting with me: I’m promising myself self-love and self-care; I promise myself that it’ll be ok not to be ok, just as long as I find the courage to get back up.

I promise to breathe; to put my mental health first and to remember to ask for help when I need it. I promise to live more in the moment, to be creative again, to drink more water, to eat better and to put my running trainers on from time to time. I promise to dig my sketchpad out, read more books & see my friends more. I promise to lap nature up and witness 100 more sunsets, to save money and explore. I promise to learn and blog, and do more that scares me, because I know it’ll grow me. I’ll stop saying ‘maybe tomorrow‘, I’ll work on letting go of what’s beyond my control & I’ll work on not giving a hoot about what other people may think of me.

will allow myself happiness.

I hope you are as filled with determination as I am for the new year – do you have any resolutions or are you resolving, like me, for it simply to be the year of happiness?

Whatever you wish it to be, I hope 2018 is your best year yet!

Love & kisses,




23 thoughts on “2018: My Happiness Year

  1. YES GIRL! I am absolutely loving all this positivity we are feeling this year! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, and I love you and your brave girl undercrackers! Then this time next year our posts will be filled with how we bossed 2018 and we will have a ton of pictures of us together to share! Xx

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  2. I too have my ups and downs but there is always tomorrow or next week. I always seem to learn more about myself and feel I’ve accomplished something when I wake up feeling better or finally climb out of bed and smile again. Healthy habits help a lot and here’s to a HAPPY 2018!!💞☯️😊~Anne

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  3. Beautiful post hun, and so inspiring! I love the title too, and I agree. With all the goals / resolutions I have for this year I simply just want it to be a happy one, I want to live in the moment and appreciate the life I live more for definitely and just be carefree, an old friend once gave me a piece of advice ‘don’t worry about anything unless its about what you’re going to have for dinner’ and I like to remember that from time to time! 2018 is the year of living!!! I Hope your 2018 is amazing and you do all of the things you aim to do and more but mostly I hope its your happiest yet, you deserve it! xx

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    1. Aw thank you so much lovely – It’s a simple thing to want happiness, but not always so simple to achieve or allow it – I reckon it’s about time we let it in though! Haha I love the quote your friend shared with you, if we only worried about what we’re gonna have for dinner we’d probably enjoy so much more!! Thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful comment & for being so supportive – I hope 2018 is pure magic for you, you deserve happiness in abundance! ❤ xx

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  4. This post has me written all over it!!! I see myself in this exact post! This is exactly what I plan to do this year aswell! Your writing is so beautiful, it brought me to slight tears while reading!

    I hope you have a wonderful wonderful year sweety, I hope that all that you have promised yourself happens for you!! You deserve everything good!! I applaud you for making it through your bad mental health days, and getting back up and moving forward! Good for you!!

    PS. Congrats to your best friend who is becoming a dad! xx

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    1. YAY! Literally you put the biggest smile on my face with this comment, thank YOU! I’m so glad you’re with me on achieving happiness this year, it’s simple and not always easy but I reckon we’re pretty determined aren’t we?! 🙂 I wish you the happiest year ahead and I hope it’s everything you wish it to be – and thank you, I’ll definitely pass on your congrats, he’s gonna make a great Dad! Big kisses my love!! ❤ xx

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  5. Yaaasssssss! I love that you are making 2018 your happiness year and you have sparked me to do the same! I’m so glad that you have a passion for life and not wanting to waste anymore time letting things pass you by! Here’s to achieving happiness and so much more! Thanks for sharing! xo

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    1. Aw thank you so much! So happy I’ve sparked a little inspo for you too, 2018 can be whatever we want it to be! I hope you have an absolutely cracking year, and I’m with you on achieving happiness, we’ve got this! ❤ xx

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