Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2018

We’re well on our way into 2018 now, and with the start of the second week of the year underway, I wanted to note a few things that I’m determined to leave behind in 2018 – whether it be a bad habit or anything negative or unhealthy, girl, I’m not taking it with me this year!

A little less social media 

Ok, so this might be a little easier said than done, given that I blog. Hmm. I’m also guilty of taking a trip to the bathroom just to have a five minute peaceful Twitter scroll to myself – anyone else? Oh and lets not forget the sitting on Instagram at 10.30pm when I can’t sleep – it’s as though my brain computes that I’d be missing out if I wasn’t constantly on some form of social media! As positive as it can be to promote your blog, see how a friends doing or even just admire someone’s photography, it can also be pretty damaging to continuously submit to the scroll.

We become envious of what we think other people’s lives might be like, when in reality we only see what they want us to see; we obsess over the technological and we lose sight of what’s actually going on around us. So this is something I’m leaving behind in 2018 – it’s gonna be bloody hard, but I think it can only be healthy to limit your time on social media, maybe even take a few days break here & there and cut yourself off a while. You might be surprised at the good it does.


Take more notice of the good

This sounds bizarre, but y’know when you obsess over the negative things in your life? Let me explain. For me, I guess especially because I suffer with anxiety/depression, I struggle to see the good for the bad – the wood for the trees if you will? I get so caught up in whatever negative whirlwind I’m in that I forget about anything good; I lose sight. I was reminded just last night, when I was a little tearful and anxious, that I spend too long focusing on things that either don’t matter, or are just plain ol’ negative. I have so many good people in my life, and good things going for me, that it’s about time I start taking note – namingly of my boyfriend, who stands by me all weathers, and who I sometimes forget to thank, kiss or make time for. We’re all guilty of it, right? Take stock of the good – you give life what you give energy to, and I refuse to keep feeding the negative.

Putting myself down

If there’s one thing I’m the Queen of, it’s putting myself down. I’ll do it before anyone else has the chance to, in fact, I’ll do it for them. I’ll say I know what you think of me, and I spoon feed them how terrible I am so all they have to do is take it. No. More. I am 100% leaving that one behind – which again, is gonna be hard, because if there’s one thing my anxiety & depression love to tell me, it’s that I’m useless/worthless and a failure. But I’m not. I used to think I needed other people to believe in me to be somebody – I used to think I needed certain people just to be meI don’t. A little self-belief the last few months has changed my life & I’ve found myself walking around with my head a little higher – the only person you need to believe in you, is you. Leave the putting-yourself-down malarkey in 2017.

What are you leaving behind in 2018? Are there things you want to change for the better? Let me know in the comments because I’d love to know!

If you haven’t already, go point your peepers at my previous post & read about why 2018 is my Happiness Year!

Big kisses,




13 thoughts on “Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2018

    1. Me too! It can be so much easier to focus on the negatives for some reason can’t it :/ it’s like the brain finds it easier to consume, which is bizarre! I hope you reap all the positives out of 2018, sending you lots of love!! ❤ xx

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  1. This post reminds me of the movie I just watched a few nights ago, Ingrid Goes West. It definitely made me think of how important it is to realize what appears to be people’s lives on social media is not reality. Reality is healthier, less skewed, and less addictive. Just remember when you’re doubting yourself; you’re awesome!!💕✌️☯️~Anne

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    1. Aw thanks so much Anne, it’s always so lovely to read your comments, puts a big smile on my face and reassures me – thanks for always taking the time to read what I write too! & I’ll have to give that film a watch, sounds like my cup of tea!! Big kisses xxx


  2. I think I need a little less social media too. Even though I don’t post very often, I find myself on Facebook or Instagram constantly…mindlessly scrolling through pictures and stories and updates I’ve already seen five times today!

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  3. I love this! I’m definitely guilty of putting myself down and scrolling social media way to often. I want to limit how much time I spend on there and leave negative relationships behind. In addition, I want to leave unhealthy lifestyle choices behind, such as excessive eating or living a sedentary lifestyle.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m SO with you on wanting to leave unhealthy lifestyle choices behind, one of my worst habits is excessive eating, or eating the wrong foods altogether! I’m glad you feel the same about the social media thing, it’s so easy to let that take over and then we just wind up feeling rubbish about ourselves, which is no way to feel! Sending you so much love and positivity for 2018! ❤

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