A Very LUSH Valentines!

So I popped into Lush a few weeks back and they had just released their new Valentines range – safe to say I was happy as a lamb on a cloud! Lush makes me all fuzzy inside anyway, but their Valentines range is so pretty. I only picked up a few little bits, but I thought I’d share them with you today. Shall we?!

The Kiss | Lip Scrub | £5.95


Believe it or not, I’ve never owned a lip scrub in my life! I know. Anyway, my boyfriend and I were suffering with chapped & dry lips (soz TMI) bc Winter sucks, so I thought why not give The Kiss a go! First things first; it smells amazing. It kinda reminds me of those sweets, Love Hearts?! Of course this means it tastes nice & I have to resist the urge not to lick my lips every five seconds! It actually has little edible love hearts in the scrub too. Sold. 


Ingredients include fairtrade organic cocoa butter, Sicilian mandarin oil & almond essential oil – we’ve only used it once or twice so far, so I can’t give too much of a verdict right now, but I can tell you it smells amazing, tastes amazing & it has freaking love hearts in it… I mean?!

Love Boat | Bath Bomb | £4.25


Ahoy sailor! Do I even need to give a reason as to why I bought this?! Just look at it! I don’t remember if I even gave it a sniff, I was far too excited to see it! I had visions of it chugging along propelling little pink bubbles as it went, & before I knew it, it was in my basket!

Infused with Sicilian lemon oil, organic sweet orange oil & rose oil, this has really lovely citrus notes, which I’m a big fan of! Reviews on the Lush website also tell me that it releases love hearts aplenty & lots of glitter – now this is my kind of boat.

Heart of Enlightened Expectation | Bubble Bar Melt | £4.50


More like heart of gold! Isn’t this stunning?! I feel like this year’s Valentines range has literally been made by Cupid! I was hooked straight away when I saw this one – it’s name enticed me too, and I’ve wondered if I’ll ever get around to using it because it’s just too pretty!

So as with practically everything in Lush, this smells beautiful. Filled with ylang ylang, bergamot oil, and with notes of jasmine, rose & gardenia, it goes without saying that this is the floral fantasy. It’s also enriched with fairtrade organic cocoa butter to soften the skin, which we all appreciate this time of year amIrite?! I’m very excited to use this – can you tell?

Have you tried any of these yet?! Or have you bought something else from Lush’s Valentines range? Let me know in the comments below!

Big kisses always,



21 thoughts on “A Very LUSH Valentines!

      1. Omg ignore my last comment it’s a mess, my phone was playing up!!! Anyway- I haven’t been to Lush yet, will try and squeeze a trip in tomorrow because I neeed everything before it’s all gone. So excited for the easter range! Xx


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