My Fitness Diary: Here we go!

So I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts that I’ve started taking my fitness a little more seriously – aside from the fact that it’s about time I get my arse toned, it’s also proven that exercise is great for those of us who suffer with poor mental health – and hey, I’m up for anything that’s gonna stave off any rotten depressive gremlins! Ultimately though, I just want to feel better in myself – & cheesy as it most definitely sounds, I really would like to finally fall in love with what I see in the mirror.

With all this cheese and fitness stuff in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to create a section of my blog that I can use as a diary, where I can keep track of how I’m doing, moan when I’m aching, maybe show some progress pics etc. I figured it’d be good motivation!

Lets ignore my knobbly knees shall we. Move on, MOVE ON.

Now you are talking to someone who used to fake periods to get out of rounders at school, & you are also talking to someone who can’t do a pushup to save her life. I know. But I have faith. I think the difference in me now is I actually want to take care of my body – it’s my temple – and I think it helps that I’m finally accepting that I’m worthy of  all that good self-care & self-love.

So in the last few weeks I’ve been focusing mostly on my thighs – they’ve always been my biggest insecurity & the reason you haven’t seen me snapped in a bikini or hot pants ever. I’m 27 now, and I’m just about done being insecure. I’m the only one that can change my pins, and so that’s what I’m planning on doing! The photo you see below was post-leg-workout, and I wanted to snap them looking semi-toned before it all disappeared! Let’s ignore the loo in the background, soz.


Now I’ve not got a fitness plan or a strict workout schedule at the mo, so it’d be fair to say I’m winging it – all that said though, I’ve found some really good workouts on YouTube & Pinterest and have been mostly sticking with them. I’ve also hit the exercise bike hard. Last week I was on it for a solid 96 minutes, and as proud as I am of that now, I can tell you my butt cheeks were in tatters. I think I’m aiming for a mix of cardio to lose a little weight & then toning to… well, tone. I’ve been squatting like nobody’s business – normal, sumo & weighted – and have done leg scissors/lunges aplenty.

I’ve also been doing lots of yoga! I find it wonderful for my breathing, calmness & stretching – I just feel so good after a sesh. I follow & am a huge fan of ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on YouTube, & I can’t recommend her to you enough! I’ve been eating healthier & am more conscious about what I’m putting into my body – resisting all the creme eggs in Sainsbury’s is blinkin’ tough though, ngl.

I’m basically an absolute beginner, but I’m learning something new every week. I’m lucky to have a very fitness orientated boyfriend who’s always on hand to encourage & train with me – he’s even done some pad work & boxing with me! Which, by the way, has made me realise that I have a lot of pent up anger in my lil bones. Better to batter it out on some pads then let it simmer inside though I say!

So yes. This is chapter one.. or diary entry one, whatever. I’m aching as we speak from yesterday’s outer thigh workout – did you know folk refer to outer thigh fat as ‘saddle bags’?! I don’t know how to feel about that! I discovered that I’ve got a gammy left leg that doesn’t like playing ball when it comes to leg lifts.. it just sorta floats mid-air like HEY I’M YOUR USELESS LEG WHEEEY. But.. yeah. All in all, very positive! I might be a bit sore but it’s a good kinda sore, and I’m excited to keep track of my progress. I’m working on me for me this year, and I’m determined AF.

Are you new to the fitness game too? Maybe you have some tips or words of wisdom for us newbies! Pop ’em in the comments below!

Big smoochies always,



34 thoughts on “My Fitness Diary: Here we go!

  1. Yay…. You have so got this!!! I think creating a space within your blog for the journey is a really good idea!!( and probably a lesson that I will think about starting – minus any pictures of course!) It sounds like you have got the motivation and determination to do just about anything you set your mind too!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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    1. Thanks so much Sharon!! I normally struggle so much to keep up my fitness so figured if I stick it on here I’ve GOT to stick with it because.. well, it’s on the internet! Thanks for being so supportive & lovely as always!! ❤ xx

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  2. It really is so worth it when you exercise! It takes commitment but is very rewarding. Even with all the great things about it, I still hesitate to go. Especially now that it’s cold weather season. I get lazy and don’t want to make the effort. It can be trying & too much to think about, but once you’re doing it; there is already a sense of accomplishment that makes it worth it!! Good for you & great idea to blog your progress to keep you accountable and to prove to yourself it’s making a difference. I’m excited to watch and read about your progress 😊! 🦋🌻🌞~Anne

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    1. That’s exactly my feeling Anne, as soon as you get cracking with it, you already feel like ‘hey I’ve done it, I’m over the hill, now to keep going!’ and you kinda feel more motivated don’t you?! Thank you so much, I’m hoping this is enough to keep me motivated to keep my fitness up, so far so good!! Thank you for reading my love, sending you lots of love! ❤ xxx


  3. You have motivated me to try to get back into some kind of exercise regime. I was all set at the start of January, and then I went and broke my toe 🙈 Not even an injury to brag about either as I just walked into my bed!
    Anyway if you are looking for other free workouts etc…Blogilates by Cassey Ho on Youtube was a great one for me. If you sign up to her site you get a free monthly workout calendar which tells you what you should be doing each day. I didn’t always stick to it, but it helped focus what I needed to do.

    Looking forward to seeing and read about your progress! 🤩

    Aimsy xoxo

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    1. YAY AIMSY! I’m so glad I’ve got you motivated, although you might have to motivate me back because my knees are creaking away at me!! Sorry that you broke your toe, it’s a pain in the arse, but hope you’re a-ok soon! & thank you for the recommendations there, I’m definitely gonna give them a look, the monthly workout calendar sounds a winner, gives you something to track yourself with doesn’t it?! Thank you for reading my love, and supporting!! ❤ xxxx


  4. Hey really enjoyed reading your Blog! I’ve also got back into the fitness game recently! Any tip sharing or general motivation sounds good to me! Hit me up if your ever low on motivation- Girl Power!

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    1. Aw thank you so much Sophie!! I am LOVING your idea of girl power, I’m all over that!! Let’s keep each other motivated for sure, keep me updated on your fitness journey, we’ve got this!! ❤ xxx

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  5. Good luck on your fitness journey Katie!!
    I’ve been on mine consistently for a month now 🙂 In March I’m going to really perfect my eating habits..and increase my workout intensity 🙂 Good luck to all of us while we get fit and have fun
    M & Bear

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    1. Aw thank you so much!! & congrats on being on your journey for a month, I’m about the same now, go us!! I’m definitely with you on having to hone in on my healthy eating this month, I let myself have a few too many treats in Feb, the guilt!! Best of luck with your fitness, keep me updated!!
      Katie xx


  6. It’s good that you start blogging and are like creating a kind of supporting community for yourself, good luck smashing your goals! I’m an athlete and loveee to exercise. The thing I notice is that I push myself way harder when I have good vibes around me like friends or family who work out with me:) also it helps to feel good about whatever you accomplish in a day even if you have a bad workout, be proud you have it a go 🙂 happy gyming! Xx

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    1. Thanks so much sweet! I definitely think that blogging about it has kept me motivated to keep cracking on! I’m so with you on being proud of whatever you accomplish too – I was giving myself such a hard time in the beginning over not being able to finish my reps or w/e, but I’m proud of me for just giving it a go now! That’s better than not trying at all right?! So cool that you’re an athlete btw, what sort of stuff do you do?! ❤ xxx


    1. Haha I so wish I could offer you tips on saying no to chocolate & ice cream, but you’re talking to a girl who just made a huge batch of chocolate cookies… I need help!! Will defo check our your online faves!! Adriene’s so great isn’t she?! I love how humble she is xx

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  7. Girl-I LOVE yoga with Adrienne! I think she’s the reason I got into yoga! *high five*
    And great job starting your fitness journey! It’s always the hardest when you start working out but you luckily have that support from your bf and obviously some other bloggers. I do support the one comment on Blogilates! She’s awesome for core work 🙂

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    1. Hey she’s my reason too!! GO US! Haha, aw thank you so much, I’m definitely lucky to have a support network, although I’ve been flagging a little lately so need to get my motivation back on the go! I’m definitely going to check out Blogilates, heard so much good about her!! ❤ x


  8. I’m not a complete beginner to working out. One of the main things that helps keep me motivated is group workouts. You get to socialize and encourage one another.

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  9. I have recently been getting back into eating healthy and working out! I’ve focused a lot on my thighs, legs, & stomach and I’ve seen a difference, especially in my thighs! Goodluck girl! ✨
    I have a new post up on my blog if you’d like to check it out 💗


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