My Fitness Diary: Creaky Knees & Porridge Potty!

Yep, you read that title right. My knees are creaking more than my Nan’s floorboards and it’s not pretty. Mind, I have been working on the ol’ pins a lot the last week & a bit, so I should probably expect to hear some occasional body groans, right?! I’ve been running, went pretty hard on the bike, and did alorra squats, including weighted & sumo, as well as lunges & fire hydrants – which, by the way, make me feel like a dog cocking his leg up for a wee (see Google if you’re confused). It’s safe to say I had to wait a fair while before attempting to go downstairs.

Anyway, it’s been a whole week & a bit since I started my fitness diary, so I thought it’d be a good time to update you on how I’ve been doing! As I said, my knees really are giving me what-for; I actually injured my left knee a few years ago & truth be told I don’t think it healed quite right. That said, both knees crack & creak a lot more than they should do, but I think if I go steady on the squats & keep checking in on my form, I should be ok. I figure I really ought to focus on other areas of my body too, just to give my legs a break!


With that in mind, I know I’ve got to start working on my tummy & core. I just keep putting it off! It’s just anything to do with working my abs bloody kills. I know, I know, it’s not easy, it’s gotta hurt to work, bla bla bla, but blimey O’Riley’s undercrackers, THE PAIN. I start to feel sick pretty quickly after say sit-ups or russian twists, and end up in a collapsed heap on the floor, with a red face to boot. I’m basically a big fat wimp and need to crack on & stop whining.. right?! Hides under a cushion mountain.

So yes, abs are my plan for this week. Yikes. Send good thoughts, a sick bucket, popcorn for when I’m feeling normal again, and a big dollop of reassurance that it’s all worth it.


Food-wise, I’m actually doing myself proud! I’m not sticking to any particular diet, but I’m eating a lot more fruit & veg and a lot less chocolate/cake/sugary foods. Would you believe I actually love breakfast now?! I’ve gotten myself into the habit of a hearty bowl of porridge every morning, changing up the toppings each day – a firm favourite at the mo is oats with hazelnut milk, topped with mixed seeds, sliced banana & blueberries. I’m full for a good portion of the day then, and I’m always sticking to three square meals a day which I think is helping! Though if I do fancy a snack, I’m reaching for Nakd bars (Banana Bread is so good!) or a handful of almonds. Who even am I?


I don’t seem to be losing so much weight, but I have noticed my legs toning up and feeling a little stronger; I’m incredibly impatient with it comes to wanting results, and wanting them now(!) so I’m trying to remember that it’ll take time, but I’ll get there as long as I keep giving it some welly. It also helps that I have some beaut gear to go sweat in (nicely put, Katie) – my boyfriend, rather than buy me flowers for St Val’s day, bought me a New Balance sports bra & running leggings, which made for a very happy me! I’m so grateful because not only do I love New Balance as a brand, but it’s nice to have a good few quality bits to workout in, I do think it makes a difference – especially when you’re out in the elements!


So yes; the week ahead is tummy focused, keeping up the good food intake, saving for trainers & doing more yoga (I still swear by yoga, it’s magic!)

I hope you’re having a cracking February so far (how is it nearly over already?!) and let me know if you’re on a fitness kick or working out – also any tips or words of wisdom will always be welcomed here, come at me!

Big kisses always,



15 thoughts on “My Fitness Diary: Creaky Knees & Porridge Potty!

  1. New Balance is not as popular here, but my dad always had their running shoes & I love that you helped me remember that! You’re doing great & how considerate of your boyfriend; really thoughtful! The abs may hurt but you’ll know it’s working, and if you eat right, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy fats the difference will show within the month. I find the more variation the better because then you work all the ab muscles rather than a few, which seems to tone them easier. This was always my major problem spot but that changed once my diet really improved. Keep it up, Katie!💕🌻💪~Anne

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    1. Aw yay, that’s made my day that I helped you remember that, bought a massive smile to my face! Thank you so much Anne, honestly I welcome the encouragement right now!! I’m gonna keep at it and as you say, as long as everything is balanced out, hopefully I’ll start to see a difference! Thank you for always being such a supportive human! ❤ sending you lots of love xxxx


  2. I love that you’re not following a particular diet and instead just incorporating more fruits & veggies, cheers to crushing the food game (for me that’s the hardest part)! Also I love those leggings and that sports bra!

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    1. Thanks Brittney!! I literally can’t follow a diet to save my life, so I figured if I’m incorporating more of the good stuff, it’ll gradually filter out the sugar – so far, so good!! Thank you so much for reading! ❤ xx

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  3. I HATE working abs! It’s literally the worst body part (IMO) to train, but I try to do about 10 minutes of abs after every workout and I try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. Abs are the bane of my life .. but they’ve got to be done! I just think to myself, to get me through, that you need a strong core to help with other excersises.
    I’ve only recently started on my fitness/healthy lifestyle journey and I love it! I do have to admit though, I struggle a little on the healthy eating part but I’ll get there in the end 💪🏼🍑😄

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    1. That’s so true, your core comes into pretty much everything doesn’t it?! So you’ve GOT to do abs no matter what (gahh!) – but I’m with you, total bane of my life! I like the sound of what you do though, ten mins of abs after every workout sounds like something I could do, gonna take a leaf out of your book! Haha you’re not alone my friend, my ability to eat healthy consistently is shocking!! Is sugar your downfall too?! Chocolate gets me everytime! Wishing you lots of luck & encouragement on your fitness journey, WE CAN DO THIS!.. right?! Haha xx


      1. 10 minutes isn’t even that long .. but when you doing abs .. it seems like such a long time! Haha I wouldn’t be able to do a full day of just abs. Good luck with trying it and hopefully it works for you too!
        Yes! Chocolate and biscuits get me every time! If it’s in the house, I’m going to eat it! I really need to work on my will power 😂
        Good luck to you too and yes .. WE CAN DO THIS! xx

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  4. I HATE working on my abs! They are literally (IMO) the worst body part to train. Training them is the bane of my life, but they’ve got to be done to build a strong core which will in turn help with your other exercises on different body parts … That’s what I tell myself to get through anyway 😂 I try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, and I tend to do 10 mins of ab workouts at the end of each workout.
    I’ve only recently started on my fitness/healthy eating lifestyle and so far I am loving it! I have to admit though.. I am struggling a little bit on the healthy eating part. I mean, I love fruit and veg and could eat it all day, but then I also love cake and biscuits and when it’s in the house it’s hard not to eat it 🙈 But I’ll get there soon! 🍑💪🏼
    Also, I love your sports bra and leggings, I’ve not heard of New Balance but I might go and check them out ☺️ 💕

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