Feeling Spring Ready with CaseApp!

First up, HI BBS!

I realise I’ve been M.I.A the last few weeks; in truth I lost my mojo and ran out of blogging fuel (where do you buy that stuff anyway?!). I took the opportunity to just give myself a break and take five – I never like to force anything out or put myself under pressure because this is after all meant to be fun! The second you stop enjoying it, take a step back too. It’s not hurt me and I feel all refreshed & stuff. Lovely jubbly.

With that said, I wanted to jump back in with something I am loving right now; Spring! Oh hey girl where you been?! Honestly up until about three weeks ago I was still totally like “Christmas was yesterday right?!”. Plus after snow-gate I found myself wondering if Spring really was coming or if it was doing a Game of Thrones-esque Winter thing & making us wait. & wait. & wait. Alas, I don’t wanna jinx it but I *think* Spring really is here! Mind, this is the UK so be sure to take your umbrella, snow boots & sunglasses wherever you go, just to be on the safe side.


Seriously though, there’s something about Spring that makes me feel especially happy to be alive, & it does wonders for my mental health too. The budding blossom trees, the birds chirping away, the longer days and the blue skies – I’m a sucker for nature and to see it all being reborn genuinely makes my heart happy. Not to mention it is definitely the prettiest, most instagrammable season amIrite?!


Oh you bet your hiney I’ve already been out crouching in front of flowers and staring up at magnolia trees, camera in hand, happy as a lamb, not looking weird at all. Tell a lie; I walked through a park the other day, saw a giant bumble bee & thought jackpot, picture time! I crouched down and out of nowhere a man walked behind me, sniffed, the bee buzzed off & I was this crouching cringing thing with no bee photo to show for it. Gutted. 


With that extra Spring in my step (ba-dum-dush, a-thank you) I’ve been injecting the season into my life wherever I can; whether it be flowers in my room, popping some Spring nails on or walking outside; not to mention a fancy new phone case courtesy of the lovely folks at CaseApp! I was asked if I’d like to design my own custom iPhone/phone case &/or laptop skin, & of course I said yes pls!


Now given the season, I couldn’t resist using one of my own photographs taken last Spring of a stunning blossom tree to customise my phone case – I had the choice of a matte or glossy finish & opted matte for no particular reason at all! I can’t tell you how chuffed I am with it – the quality, the aesthetic, the finish – it makes me happy everytime I look at it!


For my second case I chose my favourite photo of my boyfriend & I; again, it looks wonderful & I’m over the moon!



It couldn’t be easier to create your phone/laptop case with CaseApp, and you really can customise them however you like! I only chose my own photos for a more personal touch, but you could choose from their own pre-made designs, or their selection of pictures/quotes etc. You could even pop on to Google & pinch a photo of Zac Efron! (I was so tempted..) The customisation takes next to no time at all & it’ll be sure to tell you if the photo quality isn’t perfect, which is handy!


In short, I am one chipper little human right now, and having a Spring themed phone case has definitely added to my spirits! If you’d like to have a crack at customising your own phone case or laptop skin, then head over to their website now & pop KATIES20 in the promo box to receive 20% off!

I hope you’re feeling all the Spring vibes, & thank you for bearing with me whilst I’ve been away – I’m so happy to be back! Don’t forget to give CaseApp a visit & let me know if you get customising!


Big kisses always,


I was kindly sent these products free from CaseApp but all opinions are honest & my own.


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