Our Summer Adventures! (So Far!)

Hola my loves!

OK first things first – a big fat grateful virtual huggingtons to everyone who’s read my previous post on toxic family & the effects on our mental health – for all the likes, the sharing of it, the comments, the messages of love & support, the texts and the phonecalls. You’re all bloody marvellous and I’m overwhelmed; not just by the positivity, but also by how writing that post has somehow set me free. Y’know, I’m a big believer in the universe being at work and things happening for a reason, and I truly think I was meant to write that post. I hear there are a few people that aren’t too chuffed with my writing it but, suffice to say, I couldn’t care a hoot. Some things need to be spoken aloud and I was done being silent on an issue that affects so many of us.

In short, I’ve found my voice lads. *Pats self enthusiastically on the back*

Anyway today’s post is a little lighter on the eyeballs! I like to break up the mental health posts because as you can imagine, they get pretty heavy to write after a while. I wanted to tell you all about mine & Steve’s recent adventures – the places we’ve visited so far this Summer & the places he’s (semi) willingly taken photos of me for the ‘gram – in short, I’m hoping to sprinkle a little Summer inspo your way!

Hever Castle & Gardens – Kent, England

You may or may not remember, but I blogged about this place a wee while ago! It’s been a firm favourite of mine since I was a nipper and honestly I will never get bored of wandering the gorgeous gardens and taking in the elegant majesty of Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. We visited on a Sunday afternoon for a few hours, picnic in hand (we’re now the proud owners of a cool bag, super adult of us) and we lay in the Sun reading – well, I read, S slept! We ended our visit with a peaceful view at the Loggia and a choc chip ice cream. If you’re ever in/near Kent, I can’t recommend coming here enough. (Great for kids too! They put on shows, jousting & there’s a water maze too!)

Sheffield Park & Garden – National Trust – Uckfield


Now this one we sort of decided last minute to give a whirl – we love ourselves a good National Trust place so off we popped to Sheffield Park! It was a bit of a drive out, but so worth it. The gardens are insanely beautiful and there’s a serious variety & abundance of flowers in bloom! You could definitely say I squealed a little when I spotted these bridges too – everyone was vying for a photo opp! We enjoyed a Solero as we strolled through the grounds, and there were a few little tearooms where you could enjoy refreshments or cake – always there for the cake! Such a gorgeous well kept park, with so much walking and exploring to do!

Mayfield Lavender – Surrey Downs

OK I’ll not lie – there’s not much here bar a literal field or two of Lavender. However, it really is breathtaking to look at; vast amounts of purple just fill the landscape and you sort of find yourself wanting to run through it in an ultra flowy dress – let me tell you, that is a regular thing here!! It’s definitely a hotspot for photographers and photo opportunities so can get pretty busy during the Summer months, but so worth a visit! There’s a nursery and gift shop filled with Lavender paraphernalia, as well as refreshments and food vans; we had a lavender infused burger on our visit, ooh I say! 

Be warned! You may leave feeling v sleepy – I made the mistake of laying in amongst the lavender at one point & felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she has a kip in a field on her way to see the Wizard. “A kip?!”I have such a way with words don’t I?

New Forest, Barton-on-Sea & The Cliffhouse

The day we visited these places, we were on a real adventure! Initially we drove towards Bournemouth but turned off because of traffic (Steve doesn’t do traffic!) – we ended up driving through the New Forest where we stopped to enjoy a nature walk & see some wild horses! It really was so lovely, and so refreshing to be in the thick of the countryside. We drove on and stopped over in a town called Barton-on-Sea – I’ll not lie, we didn’t see much of the town itself, but we pulled up on the cliff side where we stopped in The Cliffhouse Hotel & Restaurant for a cider and beer – it was literally on the cliff top and the views were outstanding. We could see miles of sea, stunning cliffs and even a very dinky Isle of Wight in the distance! They even had a ‘Gin Tin’ you guys… I mean. You’re sold, right?!


Brighton is another old fave – we’ve been visiting for years and Summer just wouldn’t be right without a hot donut on Brighton Pier! We got to watch the sunset over a battered sausage too and it really was dreamy. They’ve even got a cinema on the beach! Dirty Dancing happened to be playing the night we were there – Steve refused to do the lift with me, of course. Party pooper.

& that’s us so far! We’re off to a Chilli Festival with our pals this weekend, so that’ll be another adventure! Although I am a total wimp when it comes to chilli & spice – I’m that person that orders lemon & herb at Nandos & still goes beetroot because of the heat!

Where have you been so far this Summer?! Or where do you plan on going! I would love to hear of all your adventures & plans!

Sending all the bear hugs,



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