Making Time for Me | Collaboration with Adexe

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled being ‘okay’ with making time for myself – is that weird?! I dunno. I just feel weird about it – I’m one of these people pleasing folk who constantly utters the words ‘you choose’ or ‘I don’t mind’ – when in fact, I might do a bit.

I also find it hard because anxiety has a way of whispering in my ear you don’t deserve a nice bath or how dare you watch a new series! It’s like my brain is wired to think that any ‘me’ time is selfish. We all know however, that ‘me time’ and self-care is not selfish. Not a jot. We spoke about this in abundance when I reviewed Jayne Hardy’s ‘The Self-Care Project’ – with this in mind, I’m taking my silly brain, giving it a talking to, and officially scheduling in time for me. You heard it here first folks.

So what does this mean, you ask!?

I guess it means I just want to enjoy my life more – I’d like to take up my old hobbies – drawing, writing, reading, running – & indulge in new ones – gym, learn new makeup tekkers, perfect a foreign language & adventure more. There’s crazy stuff I’d like to do too that’s not limited to jumping out of a plane or floating a-top the clouds in a hot air balloon!


It all sounds so trivial, but I really think we take ourselves for granted – we spend so much time caring for our children, our pets, loved ones. We work, we get caught up in the hustle & bustle, we deal with daily struggles & we forget sometimes, to do what we love. To make time for us; to allow ourselves the space to go back to what makes us, well… us.

All I’m saying is, don’t forget to do what you enjoy now & then – we’re not on this planet for a v long time, so the time we do get, we might as well enjoy it, eh? & to help me remember this, I’ve got some pretty new arm candy – a little pzazz for the wrist you might say!


I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely folk at Adexe, who kindly gifted me this watch – it’s going to remind me on the regs to live in the moment and enjoy every minute, & I can look sassy AF whilst I’m at it! I opted for their ‘THEY Grande Blue & Rosegold‘ watch & I’m so chuffed I did – tbh, I was pretty much sold on the look of it anyway but then I read this:

Since the middle ages, THEY has been a non-gender specific pronoun.

The multifunctional collection is designed for those independent to convention and free from conformity. The elegance of the sub-dial placement and contrasting trims radiate versatility.


I kinda liked the idea of being ‘free from conformity’ and so that there was the decider! It’s so comfy on, feels amazing quality & I feel hella smart sporting it. Pleased as punch. Definitely go point your peepers at what Adexe has to offer, there’s a srs array of gorgeous affordable watches for men and women over there! & y’know sometimes we all need a little reminder of how precious time is.

Do you make time for YOU? If so, how?! Let me know below!

Sending you the biggest smooches,


*I was sent this watch complimentary by Adexe London, but all opinions & views are honest & my ownHuge thanks to Adexe for collaborating with me!



2 thoughts on “Making Time for Me | Collaboration with Adexe

  1. I’m the total opposite. I’m always making time for me…when did I get like this lol. If you can’t care for yourself, how can you care for others. I used to be up for jumping out of a plane as a teenager. Many years has passed now and i’m not so sure lol. Your watch is gorgeous Katie, you chose good, the colour suits you well, little lady : ) xo


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