Why I’m Taking a Break from Instagram – & You Should Too.

I think I’d be pretty spot on in saying that a lot of us have had it up to here *gestures vigorously to forehead* with Instagram. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the most toxic social platform I personally have. In short, I got the hump with it & decided about two weeks ago that I needed to step back; it was time to deactivate.

I realised that I’d been literally living through Instagram.

I cared a lot about what people said, about getting the filter on my images just so. I found myself getting upset if I lost lots of followers or if a photo didn’t receive so many ‘likes’. What I let get to me the most though, was that I was always trying my best to be real. I filtered my images – yes – but what I was putting out there, the messages I tried to send, the advocating for mental health awareness & wearing my heart on my sleeve – well that’s really me. & I think the fact that so many folk aren’t being real but getting somewhere whilst I didn’t feel like I was – I dunno. I wondered what I was doing wrong & it was getting me down.

Add all that to the fact that there are people who’ve previously bitched or made judgments on my mental health suddenly becoming advocates themselves & you’ve got a pretty befuddled Katie! I know. It feels daft to get upset over something like that, but it takes so much for me & those of us who talk about our mental health, that to think there are people who treat it like it’s a ‘trend’ to jump on is… well, sad.

Anyway. Here are some other factors that led to my Insta (possibly-temporary-but-I-really-dunno) farewell:

The comparison game

I think the fact that our lives can be so easily filtered says a lot about why so many of us are so insecure. Imagine what young girls are thinking when they look at photoshopped images of the ‘perfect’ woman; you can’t live up to an edit. We end up comparing our lives to someone else’s and thinking we don’t measure up – that we’ll never be that beautiful, that lucky, that happy; when the truth is that we all have imperfections – we all have things we don’t want people to see. When did it all become pretend? Can we have a spot o’real life pls?

The mindless scrolling thing

The ‘deep stuff’ aside (lol Katie), need we delve into the realms of mindless scrolling? Is it just me that infuriates themself with it? It takes up so much of our time and we let it! It’s like an addiction. I don’t even really want to look half the time, but I find myself unlocking my phone, clicking into the app and looking anyway – and for hours. Yikes.

It’s not a competition… – …but it certainly feels like one sometimes doesn’t it? *eye rolls*

The need for clarity/attention – I know we’re all guilty of needing this. We’re only human. It’s just sad that it seems to have gone crackers with the increased use of social media. We care more about what strangers think than the real folk in our lives – than what we think of ourselves.

The follow/unfollow game – Ah boy. Can we just stop with this now pls. Srsly. I’m talking to you Belinda*.

I’m not tryna speak for all of us by any stretch. I guess I just wanted to say that we could all use a social media break now & again – whether that’s from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or the whole blinkin’ lot. If we’re not careful, the internet world takes over and makes it a little hard to breathe – metaphorically speaking obvs.

As for me, since deactivating my account, I’ve genuinely felt lighter. I’ll not lie, I’ve missed it a little – for the good people I found there, but also because it’s good for stuff like sharing these here blog posts! Mostly though, it’s been the best thing I could have done. My mental health has improved; I’m feeling better about me, caring less what strangers on the net might think, and I’m not forcing toxicity on myself. It could just be me, but us humans have a funny way of looking at things we don’t always want to see. It’s like telling our brains to stay away, makes the curiosity grow taller. With it not being there right now, I feel kinda more able to live in the moment.

In a nutshell, I’ve stopped investing my happiness into something that essentially will never make me happy. I’ve found my feet, I’m looking up more & I’m a lot more present. It feels good. Will I ever re-activate the ‘gram? Ah I dunno. Maybe, probably. But right now, I don’t feel the need.

What’s your feelings on Instagram? Or social media in general? Could you do with a break?

Big cuddletons,



9 thoughts on “Why I’m Taking a Break from Instagram – & You Should Too.

  1. Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! A very timely post from one Katie to another. I too have ditched Instagram. My reasons were slightly different however. Firstly, I just never really got to grips with it and secondly my husbands ex-wife found my blog and has completely used it against me. I am apparently a struggling alcoholic with very serious mental health issues!! And therefore her children should not be left alone with me … need I go on… the problem that I have with Facebook and Instagram though is pretty much what you’re saying. It’s fake. It’s a lot of people trying to convince others that they have perfect lives with their perfect faces and perfect bodies. It’s simply not real. What is real, is life. Life away from a screen. Life engaging face to face with people, life exploring the world, life taking on challenges, life is for living, not head down at a glass screen of pictures of photoshopped ‘friends’. Sorry, this has clearly led to a bit of a rant, but you have so hit the nail on the head. I’m with you! WordPress however is different; completely different. We’re the nice guys so pleeeease don’t leave us! Katie xx

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    1. Haha, hello other Katie! So nice to meet you! I’m sorry I’m replying so late, pls forgive me! I’m also sorry that you’ve had such a hard time of it with your husband’s ex :/ why do people waste their time like that!? Sadly I’ve also had some family stalk my Insta and try to gain info or make stuff up. So sad! But yes social media tends to be so fake, its mindboggling the lengths folk will go to! Twitter is pretty good tho, that’s my fave! Are you on there!? Hope you had a lovely Christmas Katie, hope to speak soon! (Other!) Katie xx

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      1. Hi! I’m not on Twitter … well I was, but I didn’t quite understand it! I suspect that I probably should because of the social media requirement when trying to get a book published … 😬😬 so I’m glad that you reckon it’s pretty good! Katie xx


  2. Aww I did wonder where you went Katie, but I totally understand your reasons why. Social media can be such a toxic place, and I too have found myself hitting the deactivate button every now and then. It’s good to take a break and spend that time focusing on your own well-being. I am glad to hear you are doing well and that the break is serving well! Lots of hugs. Aimeewarby xx

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    1. My lovely Aimee! I’ve missed seeing your face on Instagram! Do you still use yours as much? I’ve felt so much lighter since I’ve deactivated mine but I must admit I miss some of the folks (including you!) I’d love to keep in touch with you!! Let me know if you’d be ok with me popping you my email address or number and we could catch up! Sending you lots of love xx


  3. I had Instagram until I was about 19, then deleted it because keeping my feed looking good was literally a massive source of anxiety for me, same with my Tumblr site. I only use social media sites I like, Twitter is very useful for muting accounts/ words I don’t want to see and when I get tired of it, I pick up a book for the night instead.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


  4. Social media like instragram and fakebook are poison & have been know to increase rates of depression. Given what’s been said here it’s no wonder that rates of depression, low self-esteem & eating disorders are on the increase. What’s worse is that there are even children engaging in the whole social media thing, the whole comparison game & one-upmanship game. On a side note I also think that social media is also partly responsible for reducing people’s ability to converse with each other. Has anyone seen Black Mirror on Netflix? There’s an episode called ‘Nosedive’ which is set in a dystopic world where everyone gives each other a rating through their phone & everything is based on ratings. It’s partly a warning and partly a piss take of the whole social media culture.

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