Inside a Panic Attack

Panic attacks suck. There’s no two ways about it. I swear you actually forget how horrendous they are til you’re having one again; that was me last night, anyway. My first panic attack in ooh I dunno… six months? It started off with tears. I just couldn’t stop crying – I couldn’t tell you why. Little things had niggled at me over the weekend but nothing I thought I couldn’t handle. Or so I thought. The crying soon became uncontrollable and you’d think to look at me, someone had died.

I was losing control, I knew it. I couldn’t stop though. I tried to explain to my boyfriend what was going on in my head, but honestly I don’t think even I knew what was occurring up there. I still don’t. He held me tight and somehow it just made me worse – I was like a burst water pipe. I legit sat there and in my head on a loop was ‘what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck’. I was scared, and my brain took that and ran with it. I was beyond being able to rationalise anything, and my old friend Panic soon started knocking.

So here it is; a look inside a panic attack:

I can’t believe I’m here again, I thought I was past having these.

Haha that’s what you thought.

You’re losing control now, your heart will start racing soon, you should be ashamed of yourself. 

Fuck fuck fuck. I’m scared, what am I scared of?

Ah fear, lovely, now you’re fucked. 

Steve’s looking at me, please stop looking at me, how can you love this?

You’re worthless, you’re weak.

“I’m sorry” I mutter. Why can’t I speak properly? Am I broken?

Yes, yes you are, you’re a mess, you’re starting to shake now, hearts racing, soon you’ll go tingly. 

I can’t stop it coming.

I thought I was stronger now? “I’m sorry” I keep saying, my voice is shaking, my hands are shaking, is my brain shaking? I can’t catch my breath. I claw at the bed sheets, I clench my fists, I need to fight this, I can stop it coming.

No you can’t, weak weak weak. 

My cries have become yelps, big awful cries, as if someone’s attacking my brain with a pitchfork. ‘Help me’ I whimper. Steve rocks me. ‘Help me’. 

How can he help you? You’re alone. You’ll always be alone. Nobody can save you now.

Panic is taking over now. Am I gonna die? I’d forgotten it was this awful. Would it be better to die than to have no control?

Yes, you’re a waste of space, you shouldn’t be here, you’ve gone backwards, you’re back at square one, you fail.

My whole body tenses, I’m stiff. I release, I’m trying to fight, only to tense again. My ears feel blocked, sound is muffled, is this normal? I can’t see through the tears, how is there so much water in me? Is it water in my veins and not blood? I’m so tired. I want to give up. 

I’ve zoned out now. Spaced. Lost. Will it ever end?

I’m not sure if what I wrote up there makes much sense, but it’s the only way I could think to convey what went on in my head. Mostly I couldn’t think at all, and all I could focus on was how frightened I was. If I could have upped and flown out of my body at that point I’m certain I would have.

My boyfriend, the whole time, had been deep breathing with me. He’s always done it whenever I’ve had a panic attack, he tries to get me to mirror him. It works after a while and I do begin to settle, but I always have to ride the storm first. I don’t know how long it lasted – the panic attack that is – but it felt like an eternity. I felt sick afterwards. Limp. Drained. Nauseous. Steve had to physically uncurl my fingers because I’d clenched so hard. I felt like a failure and I felt ashamed.

Let me tell you something now though, panic attacks do not equal failure or shame – would you shame someone for having an epileptic fit or for throwing up? No, you wouldn’t. It’s something that goes beyond our control, and it’s okay. It doesn’t make us weak, nor does it mean we’re ‘back at square one’, no matter what our silly brains tell us. It’s part and parcel of something we have to deal with, and we’re just as strong and wonderful for going through one, as we were before it took hold.

It’s important also to note, that we in fact won’t die. During my panic attack last night – and many before that – I’ve been convinced I was done for. I couldn’t see a light. It’s like being stuck in a dark thin long tunnel; your brain tells you that you’ll never get out, that you’ll never see light again. But you will. They don’t last, and you will survive it. You might need a day or two until you feel yourself again, but you’ve got this. At least that’s what I’m telling myself today. I feel very tired and very fragile, and I keep blubbing! I’m just trying to focus on taking care of myself best I can, and I hope if you have days like this, you make yourself a priority and be sure to love every inch of who you are.

Do you suffer with panic attacks? What do you do to help calm yourself down? Do you have a routine you follow post-panic? Please let me know below, I think we could all use a friend on this one.

Big kisses,


10 thoughts on “Inside a Panic Attack

  1. I have that before meny years ago and I know what is that owful feeling.. When you hawe panic attac just breath and tell yourself that is a imagination from your mind and will past..Wish you well💖


  2. So I used to get the same, apart from being male which means a couple of little differing responses and coping strategies. Its like being smacked in the brain by Satan himself isn’t it!

    I don’t get them any more, but I got them for literally 5 fucking hours 5 days a week from 2004 for about a year. In 2005 the anti psychotic medication I was on for other stuff was changed which helped, a lot. Just like that they were once a week for an hour and i could work at my general anxiety improvement. Then in 2008 they were pretty much gone. They still nag me about once every few months now, but its like so what? Go on do your worst! Water off a ducks fucking back! (I talk to them a bit and that’s what I say) I thought I’d try talking to them like that – “Come on! Give it all you got – go on do your worst – Come on!!!! I’m stronger than you!!! And I pretend that I am able to enjoy the associated adrenaline. But doing that works a bit. I’m not afraid of them now, even if they happen I’m honestly at the stage where I dont really care. I get them at the gym sometimes and I put the anger into heavier weights. At the end of the day they can’t hurt me anymore, though they are still unpleasant. Water off a ducks back. When they were in control many years ago they were the absolute worst, but they can get better!

    I like writing, thanks for sparking up a topic for me!

    I should do a blog post about them myself…

    I love your blog. Great pics.

    Great post



  3. This is so powerful, I think it will really help so many people to come to terms with their panic attacks. So sorry you have to experience them, but like you said, you can make it through them x

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  4. Really helped hearing another person’s perspective on this, Hard to describe feeling when I happens.
    Iff theres any advice that helps me out when panic starts is that my breathing goes and I feel like I need oxygen and can’t breathe. What gets me over/helps massively is a paper bag. Breathing in to that mostly stops the Breathing problems with me. And would hope to anyone including you Katie we don’t get a Panic attack again. But iff it was to happen again. Just get a paper bag and breathe in to it and take a couple deep breathes and it will help.
    The most recent Panic attack I had I used the bag and it didn’t help first, gave it 10 minutes and used again and helped massively ( thought I would say this ).
    You can get paper bags In Bakerys like Coughlans, but iff they ain’t willing to give to you im sure you would be able to get them online :).
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for letting me know about you blog today at the hospital.
    Dan 🙂

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences with these. I get them sometimes as well. Mine are brought on by the inability to escape a situation. It started on the freeway. If there was not a shoulder to pull over to. Just the lack of one created a state of claustrophobia, or agoraphobia. I’ve tried everything from medication to hypnotherapy. I had to get out of the overthinking state, so now I concentrate on singing to a piece of music, and focus on my index finger to stop my overthinking. Just thought I’d share. Thanks for your blog and your Twitter interaction. Happy New year


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