I’m Going to Uni! | Unbox My UniBox with me [Gifted]

Hey my internet family!

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last babbled – in truth, I severely lost my blogging mojo. It felt like everytime I sat down with the intention to write, I’d forgotten how! Tres frustrating. 

I’m coming back at you with something super exciting today, *drum roll pls* – your gal is going to Uni!! I know. I’m not entirely certain what I’ve gotten myself into either! In truth I really didn’t think I’d have the nerve to apply, much less that I’d be accepted. I’ll be studying Early Years Education, something that comes off the back of my loving my job so much. Working with children has literally changed my life in such a positive way & now I find myself wanting to be the best I can for them – hence the degree! Srs squeaky bum time. 

The excitement doesn’t stop there folks! I was kindly sent a wonderful box of goodies from the lovely people at The UniBox – a congratulatory gift, and one I’m so grateful to have received and be shouting about today!


The UniBox is a monthly themed subscription box tailored to students and filled with a variety of beautiful items, ranging from stationery, pamper & wellbeing goodies, vegan snacks and the like! It’s wonderful. & I’m not just saying that because I’ve been sent it, I’m saying it because it’s the truth! The quality of the items is amazing, the range, the way it’s presented and the fact that there are people out there who’ve sat there and curated something for students, is blinkin’ bloody brilliant!

What’s inside?

This month’s theme is Exambition & so it seems fitting to begin with these Oxford revision cards! You get 50 in a pack & there’s an app called Scribzee you can download that allows you to scan the card and revise on the go – smart-paper, if you will! What will they think of next?!


Next up, & continuing with the theme of stationery, is this Oxford Campus Notebook. Ngl, it’s probably the best quality notepad I’ve ever owned! You can also use your Scribzee app here to scan your notes – how handy! Our bags will be forever lighter for not having to carry around rucksacks full of paper!

Ah yes, the trusty Stabilo highlighter pen! You know what I love about this? It’s pastel! There are six colours in the range and I’ve got the shade Milky Yellow. 

Foooood! Now I don’t know about you but I eat on-the-go a lot, and I’m forever on the hunt for something easy to whack in my bag that’s also relatively good for me (let’s not talk about the chocolate buttons currently in my rucksack, shh). Here we have some activated nuts & seeds from the company Boundless. Nuts and seeds are a good source of energy, so I’m all over that!


We also have some rather tasty looking Nugglets (I’m in love with the name!) – raw cookie dough balls covered in chocolate from Livia’s Kitchen – a delicious looking vegan treat that I’ll be hard-pressed to share!

Now on to some skincare. The stress of studying can take it’s toll on our skin, at least that’s the case for me anyway. My skin can become dehydrated and acne prone, and it’s as if the UniBox Gods knew this and, voila! Included is a Lotus scented Korean sheet face mask, which promises to make your skin look clearer (yes pls), smoother & relieve signs of stress. There’s also an antibacterial gentle cleansing foam from the folks at Sebamed, one which targets impure & acne-prone skin. Chuffed with that!


& last but not least, a beautifully bright book! Who doesn’t love receiving a book?! There’s no happier thing! This is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and if you’re not already sold on the title, then I dunno what to tell you! It’s a self-help book and how-to guide for folk on how to identify/change whatever is stopping you from getting what you want & essentially create a life you love; all whilst being a total badass (clues in the name). I can’t wait to read this!


Now how blinkin’ great is this box?! I’ve had a few subscription boxes in my time, but this one really has left me happy as a lamb. You get so much and you can see the thought that’s gone into it – you almost feel as though you’ve been sent it by a pal. The UniBox people really just want to help us students find a bit of balance & embrace self-care, all whilst sending helpful study stuff. Chuffin’ lovely.

I would love for you to check UniBox out – let me know if you do! You have my word on it that they’re good eggs and you’ll not be disappointed with their boxes! & if you fancy something smaller, they also do a UniPocket – a smaller, but no less cracking pick-me-up! I really am so grateful to have been gifted this box – it’s gotten me well on the way to getting prepped for Uni in September!

I hope you’re all well my loves. Hopefully this is the start of me getting my ol’ blogging mojo back!

Big snogs,


*I was gifted this UniBox, with no obligation to review, I’m just so chuffed with it! All views honest & my own.

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