About Me



I’m Katie, 26, & this is my little spot on the web for chatterboxing my hiney off. I call this my Sanctuary because a little while ago now (around six or so months) I needed a place to be; somewhere to be me, to be creative and to feel at home.

Here’s what I’m all about:

Lifestyle: From baking, to days out & adventures, to nature and photography – oh I takeΒ a lotΒ of pictures. I’m a bit of an amateur photographer, so if you see me crouching down in front of a photogenic rose bush, don’t be alarmed!

Beauty: I’m no expert, but I doΒ loveΒ beauty – whether it’s reviewing a new skincare product, showing off a bargain haul or talking about a new lipstick that I’ve fallen in love with!

Mental Health: This Sanctuary provides me with a place to talk about my mental health – it’s one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. I suffer with anxiety & depression, so I talk about my experiences and document how I’m doing at the end of each month in what I’ve come to fondly call my ‘Reflections’. It’s been so healthy and liberating, and I’ve met – and continue to meet – some incredible people through speaking up about it.

I try to post every Monday and Thursday, so join me, grab a cuppa & a hobnob *crucial blog reading accompaniments* & have a gander.

Big kisses,