Welcome to my little spot on the web. I’m Katie, 29, & this is my Sanctuary.

I call this my ‘Sanctuary’ because a little while ago now, I needed a place to be; somewhere I could be creative, write, babble, & most importantly, somewhere I could advocate for mental health – something especially close to my ticker.

Here you’ll find me talking in depth (but with a sprinkling of humour) about mental health. I’ve lived with depression for about fifteen years now, and anxiety for just over five, so I frequently try to don my imaginary brave-girl-undercrackers to talk about my experiences, give a bit of advice where I can & generally try to spread the word. I never want anyone to feel alone or suffer in silence, so if this blog reaches just one person, I’ve done my bit.

You’ll also find some baking recipes (I heartily recommend checking out the Marble Cake, it’s always a winner!), reviews of subscription boxes, books & the like, the odd beauty post, days out & general life stuff. It’s basically a good ol’ fashioned choc selection box at Christmas this blog, a good variety!

**Coming soon**

  • I’ve been shopping sustainably this past year, whether from charity shops, eBay or car boot sales, and I’d love to show you what I find! A sort of sustainable shopping haul at the end of each month maybe? Stay tuned! 
  • I also have braces! As in the teethy kind, not the holding up my trousers kind. I’ll be writing about that shortly, so if orthodontia is your bag, stick around.

& that’s me! Grab a cuppa & a custard cream *crucial blog reading accompaniments* & point those peepers.

Big squeezes,