A Very LUSH Valentines!

So I popped into Lush a few weeks back and they had just released their new Valentines range - safe to say I was happy as a lamb on a cloud! Lush makes me all fuzzy inside anyway, but their Valentines range is so pretty. I only picked up a few little bits, but I thought I'd … Continue reading A Very LUSH Valentines!


I Won an Amazing Giveaway!

Ok so before we get started, I just wanna say that this is in no way me bragging or showing off - this is just a girl who never wins a giveaway, who happened to win a giveaway, who still can't believe she won a giveaway, showing you her giveaway. *Immediately stops using the word … Continue reading I Won an Amazing Giveaway!

A Little Lush Haul!

HANDS UP IF YOU LOVE LUSH! If you didn't raise your hands then I totally respect the fact that it might have looked very weird, particularly if you're sat in Starbucks sipping on a caramel popcorn frappe surrounded by people folk; however, if you really don't love Lush... are you CRAZY. Anywho, I took myself to Lush at … Continue reading A Little Lush Haul!