Why Hever Castle Will Always Be My Happy Place

Everyone needs a happy place, right? Whether it’s home, a holiday destination, your friend’s/nan’s/mum’s place, a park, a beach or – in my case – a castle, everybody needs one. It gives us sanctuary when we need it, somewhere to just be and a while to gather ourselves and thoughts together…at least that’s what Hever does for […]

Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)

Body shaming. To me, it's bizarre. Whether it's body shaming ourselves and being forever critical of how we look; or the media constantly cooking up images of the 'perfect body' and shoving weight loss tips in our faces, or slogans that offer 'immediate' results for your 'imperfections', or someone just being plain old mean. Well, I'm sorry, whoever … Continue reading Stop Body Shaming (& all hail Lady Gaga!)