GUEST POST! Afraid to Breathe – Living with Emetophobia

So I’ve had the wonderful opportunity in the last few months to become friends with, and talk to a super inspirational fellow blogger named Lauren, who’s over at She contacted & asked me if I’d like to do a guest post swap, wherein she would talk about her experience with emetophobia, and I would write … More GUEST POST! Afraid to Breathe – Living with Emetophobia

My Autumn Essentials

It’s officially my favourite time of the year! The mornings are crisp, the leaves are fiery reds and oranges & yes, yes I have dug my fleecy blankets out. Haven’t you?!  For me, Autumn is just right. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold (I sound like Goldilocks don’t I?), it’s gloriously pretty and it’s all kinds … More My Autumn Essentials

A Day in Bath!

If you’ve kept up with my latest posts & social media, you’ll know that I made my merry way to stay with my Aunt in Wiltshire last week, and what should be 15 minutes on a train away, but Bath! Beautiful Bath. Now, it just so happens that visiting the Roman Baths is on my tres lengthy bucket … More A Day in Bath!