My Autumn Essentials

It’s officially my favourite time of the year! The mornings are crisp, the leaves are fiery reds and oranges & yes, yes I have dug my fleecy blankets out. Haven’t you?!  For me, Autumn is just right. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold (I sound like Goldilocks don’t I?), it’s gloriously pretty and it’s all kinds … More My Autumn Essentials

Recipe: Marble Cake

A week away from my little blog and I’m coming back at you with a recipe for quite possibly, my favourite thing to bake – it’s also my boyfriend’s absolute go-to in the cake department, so it’s safe to say it’s a regular in this household! It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to also learn that it’s … More Recipe: Marble Cake

A Little Lush Haul!

HANDS UP IF YOU LOVE LUSH! If you didn’t raise your hands then I totally respect the fact that it might have looked very weird, particularly if you’re sat in Starbucks sipping on a caramel popcorn frappe surrounded by people folk; however, if you really don’t love Lush… are you CRAZY. Anywho, I took myself to Lush at … More A Little Lush Haul!

A Day in Bath!

If you’ve kept up with my latest posts & social media, you’ll know that I made my merry way to stay with my Aunt in Wiltshire last week, and what should be 15 minutes on a train away, but Bath! Beautiful Bath. Now, it just so happens that visiting the Roman Baths is on my tres lengthy bucket … More A Day in Bath!


So if you’ve been following my Insta stories, Twitter feed, or you’ve read my July Mental Health Reflection, you may well know that I put my brave girl undercrackers on yesterday and stood to toe-to-toe with my anxiety to come away for a break ON MY OWN. It also meant braving trains, which I’ve not … More I DID IT!