My Autumn Essentials

It’s officially my favourite time of the year! The mornings are crisp, the leaves are fiery reds and oranges & yes, yes I have dug my fleecy blankets out. Haven’t you?! 

For me, Autumn is just right. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold (I sound like Goldilocks don’t I?), it’s gloriously pretty and it’s all kinds of cosy – oh and let’s talk about how Autumnal colours are the best colours, am I right?!

Both scarves & the bobble hat are last season’s Primark & the super fleecy burgundy hat is Superdry!

With all this Autumn lovin’, I’ve lined up some of my season essentials and it absolutely starts with fashion; now don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been crazy trendy myself – it’s a bit of a confidence thing, so I’m happy as a lamb in my skinnies and a tee! But when Autumn rolls around I relish in digging out the ankle boots, the knits and the blanket scarves – I feel like this trio just sing Autumn, whether teamed together or worn as one, it’s a must! I’m in love with burnt oranges and blushed pinks at the mo – in fact I just recently purchased the softest dusky blush pink snood and it’s love folks, it’s love. Did I mention it’s £4 in Primark right now?! There’s also a smokey grey one – you’re welcome!

Snood: Primark £4 – Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Addiction Dependance – Black ankle boots – Office (from about two years ago!
Caramel Pumpkin Candle: TK Maxx – £2.99 – Orange jumper: H&M (from last year!) – Brown suede chelsea boots: Primark (from last year!)

The two jumpers shown are both H&M! The orange one I picked up last year for a whole £7.99, so they won’t have the exact one in store now I don’t think, but I have checked their website and there are some v similar ones! The dusky pink is a very recent and wonderful charity shop discovery – I actually couldn’t recommend popping into a charity shop more and seeing what you can find, there are some real gems!

Pink jumper: H&M – Ring: Pandora


Now what would an outfit be without some complimentary makeup?! Of course it’s time to crack out the coppers, reds, golds & smokey eyes & I’m absolutely in my element experimenting with my recent giveaway prize – the Urban Decay Naked HEAT Palette – like if I had to stick autumn in to eyeshadows, this is 100% what I’d be after!


& it wouldn’t be right to talk Autumn and not mention a berry lip – it’s crucial! I’m really enjoying Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Addiction Dependenceit’s a purple-ish berry (it’s a thing I swear!) and I’m just loving it, in fact the entire range is full of beautiful tones perfect for the season, so definitely go point your peepers! All this said, I am still loving a nude lip – it doesn’t take away from a statement eye but it’s still gorgeous.

The Rimmel Lipstick is in shade Heather Shimmer
Moisture Renew lipstick by Rimmel in Heather Shimmer – KIKO Nail Lacquer (part of a gift set from last year!)

I also like to keep my nails pretty, so I’m keeping it seasonal with moody purples and reds courtesy of KIKO & Ciate!

 Ciate Nail Varnish in fade to greige

Lets talk candles.

I love ’em – they’re so blinkin’ therapeutic aren’t they?! I just recently popped in to TK Maxx which I’ve never fully appreciated til now (where have I been?!) and it’s a bit of a treasure trove isn’t it! Their candle section got me all of a quiver! These two were just £2.99 each & let me tell you, they are the most gorgeous Autumnal smelling things on the planet – you know when a candle actually smells like what it says on the tin?! Ding ding ding! Now get your hineys down to TK and snap up some of these bad boys because the selection, quality and price are amazeballs.


Teaming your cosy candles with a cosy blanket (the fleece throws in Primark are so cheap and SO EFFING SOFT) wouldn’t be right if you couldn’t throw in a hot chocolate or a stonking great cup of tea – I am loving Maltesters’ hot choc topped with cream at the mo!

Oh & of course it’s absolutely essential to eat well as the months get colder – I’m all for hearty happy meals with some of my absolute faves to make being Toad in the Hole & Chicken Tikka Curry – both from scratch I might add! Chef Katie a-thank you!

Erm… where the gravy at? …Anyone?


I really feel like I ought to have named this post ‘Cosy Essentials’, because that’s pretty much what it’s all about! I’m at my ultimate Autumnal best self when a Lush bath is run, the fairy lights are glittering and there’s a good film on!


Hocus Pocus is top of the list as soon as October rolls around, and I personally love the Addams Family! Plus there’s something extra special about whipping Harry Potter out (oo-er) on an Autumn night, y’know?


Now before I completely lose myself in an Autumnal wonderland and start seeing cheshire cats in blanket scarves, I best sign off! Not before though, I give a little shout out to Halloween – I just love it. The films ^, the homeware, the pumpkin carving! Though y’know, I’ve never been trick or treating! Is it too late? Can I still don an inflatable pumpkin suit and get me some free chocolate zombies?!

…To be continued.

Let me know what YOUR Autumn essentials are, and if you’re loving any of mine! Is it your fave season too?! Please do pop me a comment below because I pretty much love to see your faces!

Big cosy snuggles,




8 thoughts on “My Autumn Essentials

  1. Omg I’m sure I have that pink snood from primark! So jealous of all your jumpers and boots, my autumn wardrobe is seriously lacking so I think I need to get my butt to the shops! Xx


  2. So I’m pretty sure TK Maxx is TJ Maxx in the states, lol it took me forever to figure that out. I’ve seen those candles before for the same price and bought a vanilla bean one :). Autumn is my favorite season, sweater weather all the way, pumpkin everything and I’ve recently gotten into candles, they are awesome. mmmm chicken tikka curry is so delicious, you are quite the cook katie.


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